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What are the map layouts going to be? If it's tunnels, you could make it so the tunnel you take to change map determines the tunnel you start in on the next map, and so the routes you can take there, and so on. I don't know if you want my dumb ideas though.

You shouldn't do game design by just picking features you like and trying to stich 'em together -- the most reliable path is:
- Make the core player actions fun and have an obvious path for progression built into them
- Nail the 3CS
- THEN think about level design, additional system, etc. to test player abilities, support progression.
- THEN think about bells and whistles.
If you do it that way you'll end up with something with good moment to moment fun with clean and coherent design.

If you layer the cutouts art, red construction paper, then white you could have a nice red bits for when a horn takes damage. This is going to be really pretty I think!

I'm going to handle damage in the following way:
- Himehorns form a line when they move
- When a segment gets hit, it falls out of the line (turns from well drawn himehorn to abstract wall-painting style himehorn... the one that looks like a beetle)
- Player can loop around the horn to add it back into the line (a bit like recollecting like sonic's rings)
- Enemies will try and drag away lost segments back to their lairs

So when the himehorns get bullied, the game essentially becomes POKOPOKOPIKOTAN? For reference: https://youtu.be/rSER3yml1iM

That's nice!
The paper cutout thing should be pushed to the max: burning herdtrees, crumpled up eggs, witches appearing by turning over the corner of the page, moving maps by flipping the page...
The appearance of witches could be like Madoka Witch Domains, too.

Dan, I'm confused. Just a couple of pages ago (138) Bikky saw that the vampire was a vampire but then she forgot in the space of three pages? Am I misunderstanding something, or is Bikky a crazy person? Will all become clear soon? Please assist, I'm lost.

The bweh is diagnosing the problem -- she's in the same boat as you.


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