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Hey Dan, is a Wacom Intous a good place to start? They made a new one in january, any tips?

Great place to start!
Just remember that a bigger pad isn't always better -- you want one that works with your natural drawing movements. If you're a fingertip drawer like me, a medium mad is more than enough. If you make huge arm movements, get a larger one. Make sure you try the pads out in a store, though.

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Hey Dan, once robots automate everything and we're all living in a futuristic utopia where you only have 12 hour work weeks (at most), will you finally finish the damn comic? Or is the death of the universe going to happen before that?

I'll finish the damn comic, anon. I'll finish it.

Do you think there are actual herd companies in Raisin's world?

Maybe. Himehorns go to school after all. But it's sad to think they'll spend almost their entire life in school... for what purpose, exactly? ;_;
Maybe they get to quit early. Or just go for a short while so they can get used to nohorns...

You are a haremofficehorn, and you spend your day running around pleasing your Bosshorn's whims. Haremofficehorns that don't listen to their bosshorns are labeled defective and are fired from the companyherd. Except in your case no one is waiting to trade cakes for defective haremofficehorns.

This is truly the worst timeline.


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