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While we are at it, what about the opening of your other series? Daily life, Shut-In, Worries (, Go home?) and Caek?

Himehorn's Daily Life: Hornmother singing badly off tune, and a super typical anime OP (himehorns running together, pan up to the sky at the end, etc.) but drawn entirely in the style of the herd records. ED would be the Nohorn Go Home dance done Mashiro World style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj2hbwKV7VQCloneManga’s Video 140796481138 Fj2hbwKV7VQCloneManga’s Video 140796481138 Fj2hbwKV7VQ
Vampire Bride: No OP -- just credits over the opening scenes + titlecard to break up the first scene. Cinematic!!
Captain's Worries: Voice narration over starfield (or Big Egg in season 2) with a heroic overture -- like Sekai no Senki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc7Bh76SapkCloneManga’s Video 140796481138 vc7Bh76SapkCloneManga’s Video 140796481138 vc7Bh76Sapk or Star Trek TNG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tIWYtcwp2ICloneManga’s Video 140796481138 7tIWYtcwp2ICloneManga’s Video 140796481138 7tIWYtcwp2I
Cupcake's OP: The entire OP filmed as a continuous selfie video shot from Cupcake phone -- Cupcake getting up and turning off her phone alarm, washing, running to school and meeting her friends, getting called out by her rival, fighting the bad Dark Meguca who smashed into her homeroom, etc. Finishes up with a group selfie shot at the end and uploading the video to Chirpee.

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CloneManga’s Video 140796481138 Fj2hbwKV7VQCloneManga’s Video 140796481138 Fj2hbwKV7VQ

Sorry, Dan. Life forgot to tell you that Cupcake is your karma for all the suffering you brought to life.

N-no! My a cutest and a best is a blessing!! The product of my everlasting love for my super a cutest and -- ... ... m-my super a cutest? Why are you looking at me like that...?
Sorry Dan Life forgot to tell you that Cupcake is your karma for all the

>cupcake x cakeist | When is their wedding, Dan? Who will be the godfather/godmother? Will Leedah take the role of the marriage officiant or she will take him to Canuckland to make it more fancy? If they go there, do your think they will open a cakekery there too?

I'd want Cupcake married off in my parents' country home...but what she wants is up to her.
But she is too young for that!! She's still warm from the oven...!! M-my a cutest and a best... don't leave your papa yet...!!

>Don't tell my a cutest and a best. It would destroy her. | I thought you liked having girls suffer.

Not my a cutest and a best! I just want her to be good and happy... I should buy her more cellphone straps... th-that will make her happy... maybe she will behave a bit better too... she should study harder if she wants a good life... ...
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Don't let Dan lie to you about his doughters. Cupcake: https://www.pillsbury.com/-/media/pb/images/doughboy/encouragingbalt2.ashx Pancake: https://img.clipartfest.com/8eb0a07b78a5985113b05fa147255443_what-about-my-aunt-jemima-aunt-jemima_500-500.jpeg Sakura uses them to hold down Darkcake.

I've had it up to here with your FAKE NEWS, anon.
The CAKE NEWS is that Cupcake is my a cutest and a best and 1000% definitely my doughter.

Can you take enjoyment out of predictable stories?

Yes, of course. A good story ought to be predictable in a certain sense -- it should be like staring into an oncoming train. You can clearly see it coming, it's inevitable, and absolutely terrifying at the same time. In fact, for the effect (terror) to take hold, it is required that you see the train coming ahead of time. It might be better to call this sort of thing "anticipation" rather than "prediction", though.
Even using the normal sense of the word, the artistry of a story lies much more in the 'dream' of the story than in questions of predictability. Of course a story dissolves until the bright light of rationality -- that is the nature of a dream. But a dream is a good one to the extent that is draws you into its own logic, its own substance and smell and texture. To the degree the dream successfully invites you to inhabit it and live it on its own terms, the dream succeeds. When the dreamer must appeal to the logic of the outside world -- or worse, the logic of the hidden struts and beams within dream -- the dream is already ended. "Oh, this character here must take an action here because it's the right moment in the character's arc for THIS and THIS..." , etc. That's no good. But if it's more like "Oh, of COURSE he wants to do THIS and THIS because of what he wants and the present circumstances -- it's absolutely predictable that he'll do that. He must." Then that's fine.

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what would the opening song to tomoyo42's room be like?

Krisoyo’s Profile PhotoKrisoyo
Sakura peacefully sleeping... then Tomoyo throwing the door open: "I'M HERE TO PLAY, ZE"
Titlecard: TOMOYO42's ROOM
Titlecard is always plain white with the title in the middle with a little weird drawing at the bottom -- sometimes a little facebird, sometimes a dead fetus, sometimes dakiko-chan's tassel. Could be anything.
That's it.


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