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If the himehorns were the invaders and not the templars, what would have happened?

Is himehorns flew in on a ship they would have had far fewer numbers and would be immediately exterminated, enslaved, or kept at servants/pets by the Templar. Bad news.

Do you read Jigokuren Love in Hell or Jigokuren Death Life? It seems to be in your strike zone.

Oh yeah, I was reading this a while ago but never finished. I should pick it up again.
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Dan! Do you need a diploma to become a Game Designer? Do you recommend getting one in programming? Or in what? 5 years of study seem like such a hassle...!

Learn to program. It helps a LOT. Not only will you be able to prototype your own design and gain an edge over all the other designers that can't program, but you'll be able to write excellent documentation and talk the same language as the programmers and have sway over the real production power in the studio. You'll also be properly training in how to think about complex problems. I got my degree in computer science and it's made life a LOT easier in the long run.
You can try to enter the industry without a good degree, but odds are that you'll be thrown into QA and be a tester for years and hate life. Also people burn out fast as their dreams are destroyed by the harsh realities of actual game development (both as a process with large teams and as a business) -- if you have a good degree you have an escape route.
Do your degree. You won't regret it.

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Maybe she is into harem endings and wanted someone who liked her as much she likes herself.

It's fine if they send her money and gifts and attention and don't expect anything in return.
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How do you feel about violent rioters being called "protesters" instead when their politics line up with mainstream media?

I love doublespeak. Remember how American soldiers were somehow natives in Iraq while the other guys were "Foreign Fighters"? As if Americans aren't foreign. And of course the classic is Terrorists vs Freedom Fighters.
Good stuff.

Why did Victoria go out of her way to bully the himehorns (;_;)? How long was Annis living in Enna's domain before that one chapter? Vicky killed her right (;_;_;)? Sorry I am dumb I can never read subtext in fiction plsnobully

You'll find out about Bikky (Victoria) and the himehorns soon...
As for Annis, she's been trapped in Enna's Domain for a little while -- long enough to have some money on hand, but not long enough to know about Bikky's crew (the wolf girls). It sure looks like Bikky had to do something she didn't want to do.
Thanks for your questions, anon. =w=

What are cakewitches? They sound cute. I'm also new to himehorns and nohorns. uwu

A cakewitch is a witch that gives cake to the herd when the herd gives offerings.
I am a greatest cakewitch, btw. My apostle is my a cutest and a best, Cupcake (pictured below). She delivers cakes to the herd.
What are cakewitches They sound cute Im also new to himehorns and nohorns uwu

Do you have any advice for people who feel like their art is merely treading ground others before have already trampled flat?

Don't chase style, don't fall for the idea that you need to "break new ground". What you should seek to do is solve issues and chase your own ideas to their own ends. Your art is your master -- no one and nothing else should sway you. If you do this you will naturally crisscross the artistic landscape as your chase your individual artistic needs and problems. It's this individual path, the object that carved the path, and the results of carving that path that are of importance -- not the areas you cut through. And in fact, these artistic areas that may feel "trampled flat" to you are in fact ever-shifting sands, as everyone else is crisscrossing and changing the landscape.
So don't worry about it -- just follow your art (and take it seriously -- really throw away all your assumptions and interrogate yourself and your art as deep as the issues go) and you'll be amazed at where you'll end up and the crazy path you'll take.

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