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Dan, she cut her hair because you said you didn't remember her when she moved back. Now the the teacher is taking advantage of her and tells her how to win your heart... but its too late: NTR SHORTCUT END

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How do I art? I struggle drawing a perfect mirror of body parts. Like the right eye looks fine but the left eye doesn't. what do

Grab your Loomis and follow the instructions. Start with "Fun With a Pencil" and then explore as you like.
Also practice drawing at multiple angles, not just face-on.
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Is there christmas on big egg or some other equivalent? What holidays do they celebrate?

The denizens of Enna's Domain give a yearly offering to "Ynna" so that she might continue to watch over this last sacred territory. Offerings are followed by booze and good food. Also the Secret Shop tends to have cool game releases around this time.
The Children of The City used to have their warp festival (now simply a ritual offering of melons and receiving of boons).
Travelers' shrines that protect the path between satellite cities tend to have a big feast when the restocking convoy comes through... that could be considered a special holiday ritual of a sort.
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