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Why throw the defectives out? Are they not delicious?

If you've seen what the haremhorns have seen you would not be asking that question. A defective smallhorn does not look delicious at all.
Why throw the defectives out Are they not delicious
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>Comics >Start your project NOW, don't worry about it you will get better as you go. >Game dev >Start by trying to remake Pong, also give up your hope of ever making your dream game because it's too much for you to ever do alone. Why is life so unfair senpai?

You can cry about life being unfair or make the changes that we within your control to get what you want. If there are no changes within your control that will make the game happen, then simply give up on it -- there's no use pining over what simply isn't possible. If there is something within your control that you can do make it happen and you don't do it, well, it's just your own fault for not making it happen.

I know, that is why most of the time I can't bring myself to be angry at them nor scold them... unless they are in danger if I don't do it. You should have seen the face of the haremhorn when she came back to see the chocolate covered smallhorn licking her little hands while I was cleaning the mess.

I know that is why most of the time I cant bring myself to be angry at them nor

How would a lonely abandoned horn react if put in front of a computer running herdsim 2000?

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If it's a haremhorn, super interested. She'd be sucked into the repetitive management gameplay.
If it's a hornmother, she might enjoy watching someone else play it, but she might still find it too stressful unless she's leader material.
A musclehorn would smash the monitor to set the herd free!

Why would I frost horns? Unless you are referring to the time when a smallhorn jumped into a cake I just had finished from one of my shelves. Luckily, she wasn't hurt, but she left a big hole in it... she ate her way out of the cake. I caught her red-handed before she could jump on the next one.

;w; That is too cute.

I just got back from getting more ingredientes and I find out that people started to call me Chad again... among other things. What did I do now?

"Gathering ingredients", huh?
How many horns did you frost?!
I just got back from getting more ingredientes and I find out that people
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Chads are a figment of your imagination!

So he exists on the same plane as my super a cutest...
No a cutest is safe while imaginary Chad exists.... : T
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Quick! Who's the best Amagami girl and why is it Kaoru?

The best Amagami is chubby childhood friend. : T
But they are all good. Even imouto and yandere stalker! : T
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