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You wake up in a foreign land where fantastic beasts and magic are everyday things, and find yourself without memories of your own inside someone else’s body. All that you are certain of is that you and that body don’t belong there. What would you do?

Look around for a cute mysterious tsundere with a hidden power. Possibly voiced by Rie Kugimiya. As long as we stick together we'll get out this alive.

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Do himehorns scent mark their territory?

A himehorn can usually find her way home by smell -- musclehorns sweat and stomp a lot of animals when they go out to hunt and spread the herdscent (well, yucky but very "loud" sour smelling version of it anyway). A hunting party usually tries to avoid getting too close to a wrongherd, but sometimes it happens.

>fed last | Only those who have been properly pampered and fed can be around the main area to play, and they have all the haremhorns they might need in the backroom just in case.

It'd probably be safer just to have a haremhorn maid cafe. Those who pay extra can finish their visit with a special arrangement of the NOHORN GO HOME dance from a hornmother.
fed last  Only those who have been properly pampered and fed can be around the

How about a smallhorn cafe? Where you order drinks, eat cake/snack and admire/play with smallhorns and you can also give them snacks but you have to pay for them. *only 1 snack per smallhorn per person or they will get sick.

The smallhorns might find it quite mentally taxing to see so many nohorns eating delicious cakes/snacks... especially if the nohorns are being fed by the haremhorns. Smallhorns might not understand what's going on and think they're being rejected and fed last... ;ww;


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