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What happened to the cakeist's photo? Did you abort the mission just like all of cupcake's oven surprises?

It takes my apostle some time to travel to the himehorn caves. There are like a dozen bakeries and who know how many cute clothing stores along the way... she's easily distracted... : T

Madge says that, because magical girls are expected to grow up quickly, deal with adult responsibilities and horrors nobody should have to stomach, and people who aren't in the know refuse to take them seriously, she argues their privilege, and possibly their right, is booze no matter their age.

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That's why there's no age check at The Four Generals Bar and Fine Dining.
Madge says that because magical girls are expected to grow up quickly deal with

Sounds all good, but If they realease it out of nowhere WITH an open ending after all these years... I am going to make a stop by your house with pitchforks and torches and THEN go to their studio. Just saying...

Well, my number's gotta come up eventually.
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No route, no comic. | What would you have expected of her route if it existed?

Teasing, crying, pretend-dates-turned-real-dates, a scene where they run away together but come back home, and a happy but open ending.

Compared to chicken eggs or ostrich eggs, how big are the himehorn eggs? It must hurt to lay those eggs and a pain to have room for all of them too.

A bit bigger than a haremhorn's fist. It doesn't hurt at all -- a hornmother lays an egg every day after all. Sometimes you even get doubles!


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