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Have you ever thought about making a discord server to talk/chat/play with your little fans and friends?

I don't really like discord (or chat rooms generally). I'm too much of a neet for crowds...

>Food was plenty for all and peace was in order (like a human society or so)? >like a human society | Umm... I may have to object there. While I'm at it, how ARE the humans in this setting keeping up? Probably not as populated as in our "society", so any details? You don't have a "human" wiki-entry.

From our point of view the Templar as the only humans left... but honestly, they wouldn't even consider themselves "humans" -- they are children of The City, the fruit of the White Witch's garden.
So long as they obey the edicts of the White Witch the garden will be healthy and fruitful. Now, let the wild branch be pruned! And the garden weeded!
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What's good type of paper for drawing with ink and not leaving evidence on your desk for you boss to know that you were practicing drawing instead of filling paperwork.

Just get a small pocket-sized notepad and alternate between writing real notes and drawing --- you'll be in the clear, anon. =w=
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eat them // Even from their own herd?

Haremhorns would never let that happen, though. Also the musclehorns that stay in the herdtree are always well fed.
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How do humies handle Himehorn overpopulation? Would it be correct to assume that the general populace are taught that they're monsters rather than sapient entities?

Himehorns are just one of the many kinds of vermin that must be removed from the garden if the White Witch is to return.
How do humies handle Himehorn overpopulation Would it be correct to assume that

What do musclehorns do with the smallhorns of other herds?

Stomp them or ignore them or eat them. They have a weird, unstable herdsmell and musclehorns aren't sure what to do with them.
That's why haremhorns don't let musclehorns in the nursery.
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What if there was no such hardships, food was plenty for all and peace was in order (like a human society or so)? Then how would the natural order would cut their numbers?

They wouldn't! The herds would just keep getting bigger and happier and more numerous! More happy eggs, happy horns, and more happy herds! In fact, that's exactly what's happened within the himehorn caves now that they're under the Apostle's protection...
What if there was no such hardships food was plenty for all and peace was in

>overpopulation | I meant not in the herd but in general. They seem to grow exponentially way faster than humans so...

Fighting and starving! When a herd buds and tries to find a new place to live they aren't always successful -- if there are too many other herds nearby they'll be continuously chased out of the best feeding territory and/or killed.
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How do himehorns handle overpopulation?

When the herd tree (or cave) gets crowded the hornmothers will start to squabble until one (or more) get fed up and leave the herd with a portion of the haremhorns and musclehorns. They will travel a long way until the hornmother gets sick and changes scent, signalling end of their journey and the birth of a new herd. This is called the herd "budding" process. You can read about the process in more detail here:

But a hornmother wants to lay happy eggs...!! | what if they get them from somewhere else?

The point is to lay the egg! To LAY it! Where else could it come from?!
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Can we artificially make eggs musclehorns/haremhorns somehow?

I think they'd feel very uncomfortable with an egg in there. Haremhorns and musclehorns are a bit different on the inside compared to a hornmother.
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stop laying eggs | how about 1 egg a week/month?

That might vary from hornmother to hornmother. Would they really want more life for fewer eggs? Hard to say.
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What if I tell you that she may not have happy eggs of her own, but she can have everything else?

But a hornmother wants to lay happy eggs...!!
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What is the weirdest fact about the himehorns?

Did you know that musclehorns are the quietest sleepers? They barely make a sound and they shut their eyes very tight. Meanwhile hornmothers make a "snggggkkk...." sound they sleep, very similar to a smallhorn. The haremhorns love this.

If you make a himehorn drink a medicine that makes her stop laying eggs, but in exchange gave her a longer life span how do you think it would affect their mind in the short/long term? (leaving what the herd thinks about that aside)

@himehorn and @haremhorn could tell you how they'd feel...
... As for myself, I think that'd be worse than death for a hornmother. What's the point of living if you can't even lay a happy egg? Where will the haremhorns you need to pamper you come from? How can you sleep soundly without a heap of musclehorns to protect you? Who will write the herd records after you? ;~;


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