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Describe your neighborhood!

Grocery store one block away, bakery downstairs, two more within walking distance, pizza place across the street, also three sushi places and an Irish pub on the same block... and a haircut place a block away. I will probably live out the rest of my life here in Montreal. : T

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How do you feel about Hiro killing 4chan?

4chan has always had a problem staying afloat -- there just aren't that many good monetization options. It's hard to sell access to the user base (ads, etc.) considering our demographics (probably not a lot of disposable cash), reputation and the fact that the user base is too tech savvy -- I'm sure most people are using adblock. So what else can you do other than sell to the use base itself? Merchandise is out of the question (not really compatible with the user base's culture) ... same with visible perks.
I think something like tying shared board features to the success of occasional crowd-based funding campaigns might be good -- sorta like the Compendium for Dota 2. We could have new board themes, special events (official 4chan panels, just like back in the day), variations of #fortune, etc.

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What would you do if you find a himehorn irl?

Depends what kind. If it's a hornmother, try to lure her with delicious cakes and start a himehorn farm. If it's a haremhorn and/or musclehorn, follow them back to their herdtree/cave...
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How do you practice perspective and proportion? // how about character perspective and proportion

Drawing entire scenes helps a lot -- you can ground your figures in the world and try to let your eye do the hard work. Also try really exaggerated perspectives -- extreme low angles that make the foot look enormous and the head tiny, drawing the body upside down, etc. It's a nice way of trying getting a feel for what you're actually trying to do -- manipulate the rate at which things get smaller in screenspace vs their distance to you in worldspace.

You have interesting perspectives, sometimes! You just need to go to the perspective bank and swap them out for the kind you need to represent 3D space!

You have interesting perspectives sometimes You just need to go to the
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How do you practice perspective and proportion?

My perspective is pretty bad, so I'm not the best guy to ask... but an important basis is to get the theory right and have the right model in your mind. Then you'll be able to take any complex drawing problem and break it down into simple, manageable, solvable parts.
Watching people draw can help a bit, too:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhcTr3E6W4ECloneManga’s Video 139245376626 ZhcTr3E6W4ECloneManga’s Video 139245376626 ZhcTr3E6W4E
Using software to help is fine, too:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqqj07WnQqs&list=PLPXUtUjog4s3fw8F5KpR6YSBCVmiHmLru&index=26CloneManga’s Video 139245376626 yqqj07WnQqsCloneManga’s Video 139245376626 yqqj07WnQqs

Man Danpai... I'm 22 years old and I always wanted to draw as a hobby. So many pictures and ideas in my mind. But is it too late for me?

It's not too late! But you'll need to get serious and train yourself -- not because you're getting older, but because you'll have less and less time on your hands... so you'll want to be efficient with your practice.
Here's a previous answer to a similar question:
Cakeluck, anon! Happy drawing! : >

My favorite eggplant is getting a permanent voice change due to her current voice being sick or something. I am aware of the new voice's work and do not care for it. What should I do?

Eggplant? Are you talking about Nepnep? ;_;
And just switch to the JP voices.

I like to do the math for myself, too, because it helps remind me that every hour is precious. Our time is treated with such casual disdain by the world around us, by work, by the DMV, by advertisements, it becomes easy to think of it as infinite and worthless. It's all we have.

How you spend your day is how you spend you life.
Let's both work hard and do our best, anon.
I like to do the math for myself too because it helps remind me that every hour


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