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Sorry Dan, meant 3.2k if you retire at 70. Your current rate is 104pgs/yr, which means every 5 years or so you'll have finished a large 'graphic novel.' You'll be able to complete 9.2 of these works by your death, or 7.2 if you retire at 70. (Likely given you've mentioned eye trouble.)

;__; I have to hurry!!
But thanks for working out the numbers, anon!
Sorry Dan meant 32k if you retire at 70 Your current rate is 104pgsyr which

If you continue updating at your current rate (2pg/week) you will have completed 4,784 pages if you die at the average age of a Canadian male, 80, and are able to work until death. That is enough pages for VB, HHDL, and, presumably, Witches. If you retire at 70, it'll be around 4.2k.

I need to do better than that! Let's update even more!!!

All your sudden updates are scaring me, Dan. I was told that people get a rush of energy before they die. D: please don't die.

Thanks, anon. I'll do my best.
I just really want to get these comics done while I still have time!
All your sudden updates are scaring me Dan I was told that people get a rush of
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>NON-CANON || Just like Cupcake being yours and not Chad's daughteru?

Th-that's not true! They're just old friends! It didn't mean anything!! MY A CUTEST IS MY TRUE A CUTEST AND A BEST CAKE OK PLS B A RESPECT!!!!
NONCANON  Just like Cupcake being yours and not Chads daughteru
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So I can't put my horn in a Horn mother because it will damage the egg.... But that doesn't mean I can't put it in a haremhorn or even a musclehorn if I felt adventurous... No happy egg to break means no infection to kill meaning more happy sauce for me decorate with.

Don't do it anon!! A haremhorn and musclehorn can't even pass an egg! There's no way your gross nohorn horn will fit!
So I cant put my horn in a Horn mother because it will damage the egg But that

For digital drawing, should I go with tripod grip along with shoulder movement? Also. should I try to copy Loomis exactly? Or just to get the method?

The right answer is always "whichever way works for you... but makes sure it works"!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz-T30WZKo8CloneManga’s Video 139146438514 Nz-T30WZKo8CloneManga’s Video 139146438514 Nz-T30WZKo8
And learn the methods, but don't try to copy the style. In fact, don't try to develop a style -- your own style will evolve naturally as the sum of all your individual solutions to all your individual problems that pop up during drawing.
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What happens when a herd has too many of a particular kind of horn?

Never happens under normal circumstances. A hornmother always seem to produce the right ratio. However, when things do go terribly wrong, the herd has a way of sorting itself out -- if there are too many musclehorns and not enough haremhorns, the musclehorns will naturally be more reckless and ferocious while hunting and either reduce their own numbers or bring in enough high quality food for the hornmothers to produce more haremhorns. If there are too many haremhorns, they'll naturally gather more lower quality food (in extreme cases, causing starvation of the lowest ranking haremhorns) and fuss over the hornmothers more, causing her to produce more musclehorns. If there aren't enough hornmothers the hornmother will be over-pampered and fed all the best food and produce more hornmother eggs. Of course, there are more factors than that, but it always seems to work out the right way.
Happy horns~
Happy eggs~
Happy herd~

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What happens when a herd has too many of a particular kind of horn


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