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You should celebrate your return with Perrine playing with smallhorns! I will wait with anticipation!

Boring megane! BORING!

>to do some writing/planning. | Haven't you been doing ONLY that for quite awhile now instead of making updates?

Yes, it's true. I guess I could at least work on the wiki until the cintiq comes back home.

Hey Dan, Raisin's Daily Life got past the year mark 2 months ago and I totally forgot about it. ;w; We started running it on the 01/06/2015 (if my log is correct at least)... well, more like I wasn't even aware that a year had passed already >,>¨ time sure flies.

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Holy crap! Congratulations! =w=
What would you like as a present? : >
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if kumo made her 'my home' in a himehorn nest, would they still tell her to go home?

They would probably try and eat her, then avoid her. If that didn't work they'd probably seal up the hole or trade something to the Apostle to chase her away.
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