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So I'm writing this because I wanna appreciate you & idc who hates on me for this 😊😊 well idk how to start but you're very very important to me and idk what id do without you 😍. We might of had our downs, but at the end of the day we always come back to each other and to me that's true love cause no matter what our love is much stronger than we know. Sometimes I just wanna shout out from the rooftop of how much I love you and show the world you're mine. 💘 you're such an amazing person & idk why people wanna hurt you. But I'm here to protect you at all costs 👌😘. If anyone fucks with you, they fuck with me too. I'm here for you through the good and the bads. You know me so much better than anyone else, and you care. I love being your bunny 🐰😏 you make my heart whole again and idk thank you for coming back into my life 💘 ill never let you go. That's a promise 😭. I love you so so so much & I hope I keep you smiling and happy because you deserve it 💘

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soft hours [open]

Eeeep imma try and make this long because I just have too 😭 literally you are the sweetest person I met on here. You are the definition of pure softness. 💘😭 from the day we first met, I knew there was something special about you. The way we just connect and became friends so fast amazes me. You just weaved your way into my tiny heart 😭. Thank you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for believing in me though I did make mistakes. You may think you're a lil devil (I mean we all are at some point) but you're really just a pure angel 😇. You're one of the people I trust most on here with my problems. You don't judge me. You help me. That's what I love about you. I can come to you anytime & you're always there 😘. You make me happy being my friend. My soul mate. Partners in crime..literally. I love you so much & idk how much I could repay you but this will have to do. I wanna appreciate you because you are amazing and so loving, but at the same time you're strong & you stick to what you believe in. I admire you so much tho you are younger than me idc. You made such an impact in my life ❤ you truly deserve the world. I love you the way you are. You're so beautiful and talented. You've got an unique personality and I love it. Never change. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you till all there are no more stars I can count. 😭💘

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