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Steve I got the kayak thinking that the hub kinda looked like the jacknife hub. This was not true. The hub is raised?what was the purpose of this design choice? I find fingerspins very tough to do on the kayak:(

The hub is not raised on the Kayak, it's an indent specifically to make fingerspins easier. It's not as severe of an indent as the Jackknife, but it's still an indent. -Steve

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Steve I absolutely loved the sherpa! When are you guys gonna release more maybe in different colours ?

Soon, actually. :) -Steve

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Whatever happened to that vid of Harrison Lee at the machine shop?

It's hanging out, unlisted, in our YouTube channel. Should release that soon, huh? -Steve

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dose have troubl when design for player is not having masses appeals? like the majority of player is wanting yoyo to have fun, when the compete design is too much strictness

It's tricky to find a balance. Competition and casual players are all looking for the next amazing thing, so we're always kinda trying to provide something new for everyone. -Steve

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Are you a fashionist/-a?

No, but I do enjoy wearing pants. -Steve

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Just snagged a confetti cannon peak 2 from slusny. I'm so happy, because they are sold out everywhere else. How many were made in that color way?

Nice score, congrats! Pretty sure there were around 40 pieces. -Steve

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Any plans on doing an undersized throw again? (Similar to the campfire)

We've been talking about it, but haven't started designing anything yet. -Steve

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I n response to the thing about the kickstart, I backed in on iniegogo as well, and it was supposed to be done in march. Then they announced that it was for sure coming out in 2016. But here we are in 2017, and they are still fixing the mold, and have no idea when it will be done.

Andy Riley

Yeah, I don't know. But to be honest, I backed it to support Dave and not because I really need another yoyo. ;) It'll get here when it gets here, I guess. -Steve

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What didn't Maider like about the first mono blizzard proto? (Resubmit due to typos)

He wants to move the weight a little. It's not a bad request, it's just one that makes the weight distribution a little more "specific" and narrows the appeal a little. -Steve

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hello clyw can you help me a little bit?I am trying to choose beetween the kayak and the kodiak...I have the manatee and the chief,and i can say i like the chief better,do i go with the kayak?

If you're a fan of the Chief, get the Kayak! -Steve

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What changes did you make from the OG peak to the peak 2?

Moved weight distribution around a little, changed the profile in the response area, adjust response to fit Snow Tires. The changes don't sound like much, but really noticeable when you play the two back-to-back. -Steve

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Monometal blizzard?Wait,what?You just solved all my problems.Wow...WOW!WOOHOOO!So it is coming in march?

Still going back and forth with Maider on it. First prototype was absolutely perfect, but he still wanted changes, so we're stuck in this weird kind of push-pull where Chris and I know it's a winner but Maider wants to tweak it and how do we balance what we know is 100% perfect for retail release with making changes that will be better for Andrew specifically but will potentially make it less popular for the general player.

This is the pain in the @$$ of running a return top company. -Steve

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I was planning on buying a Borealis 2 at EYYC if it will be sold there, but will it even be released by then? Should I just go with the OG one, or is it worth the wait? Thank you and have a wonderful day :)

No release date yet...don't think we've even finished prototyping it. -Steve

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Which is your favourite yoyo right now steve?

Peak 2 and new Basecamp that's releasing at PNWR. -Steve

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I used to throw back in the day when yoyos used to cost 10 bucks max. How do you get over the odd feeling that you are throwing a 100+ $ thing and the fear of damaging it?

I have never had any fear of damaging my return tops, regardless of price, because I have always damaged my return tops and I just kind of accept that it's part of playing. -Steve

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How many BBB Peak 2 were made?

40 pieces. More than we usually make for any BBB release, but we wanted more people to have a shot at one. -Steve

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If the chief wasn't my style would I like the kayak?

Probably not. -Steve

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The Big D and Yeti 2 both slay, but I would LOVE to see a high-end delrin throw from you guys. Just a suggestion :)

Not really a good fit for CLYW. Maybe we'll do one as a Basecamp release. ;) -Steve

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Where is kayak available in Europe?

What makes a good city a major yoyo contest?

Local organizing team, easy access by various forms of transit, good support structure (sports commission, tourism bureau, etc), good venues & hotels. -Steve

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Got myself a kayak! amazing throw. Chris is a genius!

Thanks, glad you like it! -Steve

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Any word on the dune release? Within the next month perhaps?

Feb. 23rd

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hi! do you have any favourite players outside of the team? could you name them? just curious :-P

I'm a fan of yoyo players in general. If I absolutely had to name names, John Ando would be at the top of the list. -Steve

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