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i am really proud of clyw for caving into pressures of market demand and respecting of the player wishes to make aymums sig 4A throw like he alwayz wanted lmfao

i am really proud of clyw for caving into pressures of market demand and
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I'm trying to pick between the dune and the manatee with the ac2 as reference. I really like the ac2, but I want to get a new throw completely different from it to vary my collection. What do you suggest?

Get a Manatee.

What's the simplest metaphor/explanation you have of 1A yoyoing to someone that only knows the up-down yoyo?

It’s the difference between you picking up a guitar and knowing a couple of chords and Jimi Hendrix.

Any plans for a Kayak restock? This yo has been eluding me...

No plans. Don’t know if we’re going to continue it.

Loved Ayumu's 1A performance at JN! Curious: what return top does he use to compete?

He switches up a lot. Not sure what he’s using lately.

My luftverk peak vibes but i have 4 luftverks and they always have vibe. Am i extremely unlucky or is that how it goes with ti

Most ti yo-yos have minor vibe, in my experience.
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Are there any plans on more Chiefs, newer yoyoer and would love to pick one up!

Nope, sorry. No plans.

why do you keep players who arent very active in the yoyo scene on your team? like Pekka. curious

Some players contribute to our team just by being around and inspiring us. Pekka is such an amazing person, and we’re all better for his presence.

Was just looking for some history on the snow tires. Why the bigger pad and if clyw considers doing a 19mm pad?

Bigger pad means more surface area for a tighter bind, and also a longer pad life. No plans to move to 19mm.
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