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SLACKLINE IS BACK!!! this is why clyw is the best company, on a related note, can you release slackline in a 50 pack

Yay! Unfortunately, this is the last of it. Our friend Paul just isn't that in to making string anymore. - Steve

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How are you going to distinguish between the blizzard and monometal blizzard. Is it going to be called the monometal blizzard or will it have a different name?

Will there be another run of the Beach Party Kodiaks? :3 I neeeed that colorway

Not sure, honestly. -Steve

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When bird gets a sig he should name it "the dove"

He's got soooo many name ideas already lined up, lol. -Steve

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Adam brewster needs a sig

Funny you should mention it. -Steve

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Will there be alternative freestyles this year at worlds?

If Sebby is going, then maybe? If not, then probably not. -Steve

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The bonfire 2

Hadn't considered it. Maybe! -Steve

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Will we see the monometal blizzard before worlds?

Worlds release! -Steve

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Who's going to win worldss this year?

Probably the player with the most points. -Steve

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Congrats on 12k subs on your YouTube channel. :)

Thanks!! Super proud to be making stuff that so many people want to see! -Steve

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Anyone remember latitude 53?

Hell yeah we do. Great colorway. -Steve

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Basecamp seems to have gone pretty quiet as of late - any new return tops in the works? Thanks!

Ben's been pretty busy over the past year gearing up for the 2017 World YoYo Contest in Iceland, which he is the lead organizer for. Since he's 50% of Basecamp, that sort of put the project on hold for a bit. Expect to see some more life in the project this Fall. -Steve

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Why didn't you guys make the og yeti production using the same material as the prototype? Even though it's less than 60g it still plays decent :)

Just wasn't what Chris wanted. And it played "decent" but not very "good". ;) -Steve

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What is your favorite plastic yo-yo that clyw has made

I don't feel like we've gotten it right yet. Still working on it, though. -Steve

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Okay so I got the axel out of my Borealis with vice grips and put in the replacement. The halves are now having a hard time not screwing together. :( What wrong?

Andy Mendez

For customer service questions, please email Thanks!

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What was the yoyo Ernest was in boxing that said Louis vuitton box, new heavensent?

It's a one-off custom Wooly Marmot that the president of Louis Vuitton gave Ernest as a gift several years ago. It's amazing.


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What yoyo is alec using in your guys instagram story?

It's an old Yeti prototype. -Steve

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What did the peak cost when it was first released?

I believe the original painted Peak was $89. -Steve

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Were the gold nugget peaks 1st, 2nd, or 3rd run?

Pretty sure they were 2nd run. -Steve

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Which run are the berry berry chiefs from? Also what is the weight from that run? I want to swap halves with another chief but I need the run number so I can get the weight balance perfect.

Here's a great resource for that:;topic=74661.0

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Is one of the new yoyos a slim yoyo? That post with Steve's face covering them, one looked like it could be a slim yoyo.

Nope! Not yet. ;) -Steve

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What yo-yo was the most fun to design?

The next one!

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Why are you retiring the Yeti 2 so soon? It's fantastic. Any plans for a Yeti 3?

Too many production problems, too high of a scrap rate. No plans for another one at this point. -Steve

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The CLYW website includes the chief in the current lineup, but there haven't been any chief runs for a while. Are you guys planning on producing more?

We're still talking a lot about the Chief. Not sure what to do with it. Haven't made any decisions yet. -Steve

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Steve you have to make a Gorge video! The people demand it! Or at least one anonymous dude on the internet does but still your old-timey tricks are rad!

I will try and find the time to work on some stuff. :) -Steve

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