Ask @CLYWOfficial:

What is the difference between the Chief and the Pickaxe in terms of play?

They are like night and day! The Chief plays more like a traditional competition return top in that you use it through a combination of you pushing the return top and the return top pushing back, and the space between that give/take is where you build your tricks. With the Pickaxe, you're a conductor pushing air and string and the return top almost effortlessly goes where the slightest amount of effort puts it. It's a very different play experience, and the visual similarities between the two are pretty much the only similarities. -Steve

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What are clyws plans for 2018?

Working on more new return tops...less signature stuff and more just very Caibou-ey stuff. Probably going to lay low on the contest scene a bit this year and regroup for a big 2019 since Worlds is coming back to North America. We're restructuring the business end of things a bit to dig us out of some holes we fell into last year. We're still a very, very small company but we've grown just enough that we need to get organized better and that's kind of my primary focus for 2018. -Steve

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