Ask @cmarkanthony:

What do you dream about?

Things I can never remember. Feelings that wash over me slowly enough that they leave a trail when I wake up, but fast enough that I cannot write down a summary of the dream without forgetting it halfway through. I see it as a testament to the state of my being currently. I exist in a life where I am constantly falling forward, never having time to look back and never having time to look ahead. And my dreams are just me falling forward, except I never remember that I'm falling forward. I don't have time to.

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I want to talk to someone I like but I get nervous. I don't know what to say and my face gets red, but I really want to be their friend.

You really should talk about how you really feel, and tell her about it in private. If you're too intimidated you could consider telling her you like her over the phone, but that's a bit impersonal. Things will go great, you have nothing to lose.

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