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So you have a otter fetish? o-o awkward...haha :D well..thats what I kinda thought when you said "A LOT" but I could just be jumping to conclusions as usual..sorry ^^" Favorite video game? You forgot to answer favorite color! Is there anything that has you down right now or on your mind? If thats ok

Before I answer ANYTHING you should text me. I want you to tell me who you are. O.O My # is 501-581-8431.

Im a shorty ^^" 5'3". I like red and purple (weird combo right? lol). Anything Asian but mostly CHINESE! :D Im not into cars.. So I couldnt pick from the top of my head.. but if I could I would love an old 70s car. I absolutely love cats and rabbits! Okay so you answer the same questions :D

6 feet tall! :) Asian food. Or Mediterranean. I would want a new Range Rover. Excluding all the frequent problems of this type of car. And I adore otters. A LOT. :)

Well thats what I mean! like dubstep meaning chill dubstep or the crazy beats kind like Skrillex! Which they are awesome too but I prefer chillstep :3 Is that some1 a good or bad thing? Im sorry if its bad.. But back to happy :) Yea listen to Dreaming by Smallpools and Little Games by The Colourist

Okay! I will when I can! :) So what's your name? If you don't mind me asking. Do I know you personally? Lol.

I can always take it back if you dont want to be cool! :P You just have the same interests I do! Whats your favorite dubstep? I like anything with a good beat. I find it so relaxing! Whats your favorite indie band? Mines Passion Pit and The Colourist and Smallpools! :)

Well dubstep is a genre of music. I'm not really sure what you mean by "favorite dubstep". Lol. But I do like chill dubstep, it's very soothing. :) And I listen to Passion Pit. That reminds me of someone, but nevermind that. I haven't listened to Smallpools or The Colourist. I'll check them out soon! :)

Till what age would you like to live and why?

100. Not 101 or 99. 100! I want to live a century, a century of learning, growing, lessons, teaching those lessons to the youth, growing old, love, seeing the world. All of it in just a century.

What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?

Rather not answer that one..

What's the movie that made you cry?

Marley and Me. I cried in front of my first real girlfriend watching that movie. Ugh.

What’s your favorite clothing brand?

Aeropostale. But I'm not being flashy with these name brand clothes. They're just comfortable, and look nice.


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