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So you have a otter fetish? o-o awkward...haha :D well..thats what I kinda thought when you said "A LOT" but I could just be jumping to conclusions as usual..sorry ^^" Favorite video game? You forgot to answer favorite color! Is there anything that has you down right now or on your mind? If thats ok

Before I answer ANYTHING you should text me. I want you to tell me who you are. O.O My # is 501-581-8431.

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Im a shorty ^^" 5'3". I like red and purple (weird combo right? lol). Anything Asian but mostly CHINESE! :D Im not into cars.. So I couldnt pick from the top of my head.. but if I could I would love an old 70s car. I absolutely love cats and rabbits! Okay so you answer the same questions :D

6 feet tall! :) Asian food. Or Mediterranean. I would want a new Range Rover. Excluding all the frequent problems of this type of car. And I adore otters. A LOT. :)

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Well thats what I mean! like dubstep meaning chill dubstep or the crazy beats kind like Skrillex! Which they are awesome too but I prefer chillstep :3 Is that some1 a good or bad thing? Im sorry if its bad.. But back to happy :) Yea listen to Dreaming by Smallpools and Little Games by The Colourist

Okay! I will when I can! :) So what's your name? If you don't mind me asking. Do I know you personally? Lol.

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I can always take it back if you dont want to be cool! :P You just have the same interests I do! Whats your favorite dubstep? I like anything with a good beat. I find it so relaxing! Whats your favorite indie band? Mines Passion Pit and The Colourist and Smallpools! :)

Well dubstep is a genre of music. I'm not really sure what you mean by "favorite dubstep". Lol. But I do like chill dubstep, it's very soothing. :) And I listen to Passion Pit. That reminds me of someone, but nevermind that. I haven't listened to Smallpools or The Colourist. I'll check them out soon! :)

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