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حالتك على الواتس.........

ching chong ching chong

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Whats the one thing you couldnt give up for 1 year?

Patrick Hickey


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you're perf js :*

Awhhh thanks, you too <3 x

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all time most favourite memory? :)

When I stepped on the door mat.

and I didn't know,

there was a big hole on the floor, under it.

So I ended up having my left foot stuck on the hole

for 2 hours.

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1) favourite food? 2) cutest person of the opposite gender you know?

What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?

I'm so jealous of my parents..

I would NEVER have kids as cool as theirs.

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Bucket list?

Meet Kingsley
Own a lot of cool outfits
Travel abroad
Change my haircut
Receive an infinity ring
Meet the person I'm going to marry
Be a vegetarian for a week
Lie in a road for a second
Own a lot of bracelets
Find a heart-shaped stone
Give my bff a cake that says ''Happy Birthday, Bitch''
Try oreo cake
Own bakers' shoes
Go on a roadtrip to each USA state
Get my friend to stop cutting
Adopt many puppies
Receive a tweet from Ariana Grande, Cher Lloyd, and etc.
Get flirted by a cute guy
Take a bath by candlelight
Dye my hair red
Lick abs
Build sand castles
Throw a slushie at someone's face
Own all the pink collection
Own a minion toy
Tye dye my shorts
To kiss koala style
Eat cupcakes
Go on a coffee date
Spend a day with Channing Tatum
Camp at the beach
Play beer pong
Play with sparklers
Get the guy that I like to like me
Feed a penguin
Tan on the roof
Go to ihop
Lay on the sea shore with someone I love
Go crazy at party
Go on a hot air balloon
Go skydiving
Enjoy my youth
Take my mum on the vacation of her dreams
Travel across Europe by train with friends
Try water rafting
Create a webcomic
Be hugged from behind
Participate in colour run
Wish summer was everyday
Send message in a bottle
Smash a pie in someone's face
Plan my bestfriend's wedding
Go on top of a tall building and spit
Have a movie marathon
Visit the igloo village
Stargaze on a roof
Have a paint war
Kiss under the mistletoe
Kiss in the rain
Kiss on the roof

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have you ever been bullied?

Yes, people started gossiping behind my back because I stick up for myself and someone else.

Until now, their #1 conversation topic when I'm not around is me.

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you lied about having no friends what a liar


Yes, I have friends. But they DON'T interact with me anymore.

That moment when you don't know every single thing about me, yet you judge me.

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Best friend?

I have loads.

@heyitsmepanda24 - <3 only friend who has an Ask account

Jasha - who even is she. Oh, she's the one who develops feelings on every guy off the street

-----&----- (Yeah, they're twins)

Bianca - we had a little fight when we were in year 8, but we're okay now x

Patrick - the intelligent one

Allan - the intelligent one. We often call him doritos head & chitos body because his head has the shape of a doritos and his body figure has the shape of a chitos.

Bea - ''live together, stalk together''

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Most embarrassing moment?


We were watching this video at school.

I find it funny, and when I got home, I showed it to my grandma, mum, siblings, and nanny. Whilst watching this video, my nanny laughed hard and started to cough. I laughed at her because she was funny. As I was laughing, I farted accidentally and luckily, no one heard it. Everytime I laugh at her, I fart. I tried the hardest not to laugh, but I couldn't. Fortunately, I came up with the idea on how to cover my farts; by COUGHING. While I was coughing, everybody laughed at me and my nanny said, ''See how quick and easy the karma comes around.'' and everybody laughed at what she said.

Not that funny, but yeah.

PS: This is exactly what I did when I was covering my farts.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?


I'm going to write down things to do while in class instead of things I like to do in my spare time :)

Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show

Try to swallow your tongue

Walk around class begging for spare change

Change seats

After the teacher has explained something, laugh really loud and say, ''Oh, now I get it!''

Lick yourself clean like a cat does

Sing your questions to the class

Address the teacher as ''your honour''

Sit in the front, sniff suspiciously, and ask the teacher if she's been drinking

Claim that you wrote the class textbook

Laugh loudly at everything the teacher says. Be sure to snort and make weird noises while you laugh

Get everyone in the class to start humming softly, and gradually hum louder

Put your hand up, and when the teacher acknowledges you, just say "I'm pointing at the ceiling"

Superglue a coin to the ground and watch people try to pick it up

Tell your teacher that you don't do homework because it's against your religion

Start clapping, but keep a steady beat. When other people start clapping, start singing opera

Draw a smiley face on a piece of paper, and talk to it

When the class is silent, put your book on the desk and fart on it

Raise your hand, and when the teacher calls on you, ask where babies come from in a childish voice

Raise your hand and ask to go to the nurse and say, "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE."

When you have a 2000 word essay due, hand in two pictures related to the topic. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Wear X-Ray Specs. Every few minutes, ask the professor to focus the Overhead projector

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do you live after a motto? if you do, what motto?

emma karlberg

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan will shudder and say, ''OH SHIT, SHE'S AWAKE''.

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But I'm sure I'm not the only one so..

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Do you prefer to text or call people?


I prefer texting over calling, because then there aren't awkward silences. Also, it allows you to pause, pursue other business, or just think about what you want to say before responding. :)

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Love is...?

Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

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Describe your perfect day? :)


It's a summer day, no clouds in the sky, about 75 degrees. My perfect day would be when I wake up whenever I want. I have no obligations. I'd pretty myself up, and then I'd have breakfast and go shopping with a friend. Then, I'd have lunch with my mom at a nice restaurant. We'd go get our nails done or something. Then, I'd lay out by the pool and listen to my iPod, drinking iced tea. Then, I'd hang out with my bestfriend for the rest of the day, ending the night with having a deep conversation sitting on his rooftop and maybe some cuddling after that. And then I'd go home, lay in my bed, deep thinking/thoughts/imagination, then I'd thank God for this awesome day, welcome sleep, and look forward to a glorious tomorrow. <3

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If you had to choose to swim in Nutella-pool or to get your own unicorn, what will be your choise? :D sorry for the stupid question :DD

Neither. I would of choose the Nutella pool, but then I realised there is no such pool as that nor there are unicorns. But if both really existed, I'd still go for the Nutella pool. and oh, I'm planning to build one in the future because you gave me the idea on how to eat Nutella in a cool and classier way.

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What is the most dangerous thing you've done?

Sara Bero

The most dangerous thing I've ever done is save someone's life. It may be dangerous but it feels good. They said, it's not good to do because you're only putting your life in danger. In fact, saving a life is like saving the world. It is something to be proud of.

If you don't believe me, then here's a proof of me saving a life:

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What would make your Monday perfect?

King Kal, First Of His Name

My perfect Monday (up to Sunday) would be spending a whole day/week with my grandfather. Like, he would come back to life for one day…or even just a week….as gorgeous as he was before he died. He and I would do what we used to do when I hung out with him: Have breakfast, draw, write, go to our favourite restaurant for lunch, go on walks, go to the pool every summer, etc. I remember when I was 8, he told me he would travel the world with me and grandma. He was everything to me. I missed him a lot. He was a father to me, my best friend, and at the same time, my grandpa. He taught me many things. I cry everytime I remember him. Even writing this makes me tear up. I wish cancer didn't exist. I wish one day, cancer will just be a zodiac sign. I love you grandpa, you will always be in my heart <3

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What body part do you wash first in the shower?

Please improve your questions of the day, they're shit.

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Where are you from?

My dad's testicles x

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UK or USA?


Australia ;)

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