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hello mari, no offense, but seriously since you are famous boice, so many are following you, and some of your tweets are not really welcoming. although i fully understand that it is your personal twitter account. but its kinda disappointing to read it from you. i love ur blog by the way

Yes, I am totally aware of my responsibilities to our fandom and will try to act more responsible. Thank you for your comment and input. and for your support =)

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I think u shd control ur emotion. Sometimes words that u used are too harsh. Maybe u think that it is normal since u live in the USA, but how abt Asia ppl? They dont use english as their language n when u said some words, it may be normal for u, but it is harsh for us. I know u love cnblue,

"-con- i know u love cnblue, but pls, also control ur emotion. Just a lil thing happen n ur words r being so dramatic alr. Thanks^^"

You know what, I agree! I know at times I do have a problematic temper but honestly, I think it comes from how passionate I am about CNBLUE and BOICE! I always tell my followers to forgive me for my rants when I do have them but this is my personal Twitter account for the fandom so really, I should be able to express my concerns for the things that upset me or make me happy should I not?

I do understand your POV though and I respect it. I will really try harder to keep in mind the words I choose to share in order to express myself without alienating my Asian and other International followers.

Thank you for your comment^^

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How did you start CNBLUE USA? It's so awesome and lived by many BOICES! (: thanks Mari!

Two friends ( @jyhlover17 / @cnjonghwa) and myself felt that we should have a US dedicated fanbase for CNBLUE since there wasn't one already and so that's now we started in May of 2013. We now have added three more members and will be recruiting for more really soon!

Thank you for loving CNBUSA so much, we do everything we do with BOICE and CNBLUE in mind so I thank you all for all the support we receive from you, it means so much!

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Hi, just wanna ask u. Its not them being dramatic, but you are. Maybe they rnt a kpopers so they dont know. But why r u getting mad? Tweeting like so much to describe. I know u r not happy abt this, but pls dont tweet too much abt it. All the time i see ur twitter is just getting mad and curse. Hah

Are you telling me I shouldn't tweet as much as I do, or that I can't or shouldn't voice my opinion cuz if you are, you can just do us BOTH a favor and UNFOLLOW ME!! Simple as that!

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Hi Mari!! Any news for upcoming kpop concerts in US or LA?

Hi, no I don't know if there will be any other KPOP festivals this year but then again, I am not the KPOP aficionado lol... you'd be better off asking someone else.

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I missed asking you a question so I'll ask one today.. What is your favorite look of each member? I mean, after seeing Jonghyun's new do and Yong's sleepy/sexy look, it just changed everything.. Lol

IDK, they change their looks up so often and they always all look really good! I do miss Jungshin's long hair and even though it had to grow on me, I loved Yonghwa with blonde hair. I'm really glad Jonghyun cut his hair cuz I wasn't too fond of the the style he had before it although again, THEY ARE ALL SO LDKAJFDHAKLFHDJ GOOD LOOKING! Minhyuk always has good hair and he keeps the color relatively the same so he's always super sexy/cute.

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Do you think CNBLUE boys feel uncomfortable when they visit different countries?

Yeah I guess, I mean, wouldn't you feel uncomfortable in a strange place where you don't know the language? TBH, I don't blame them one bit. In the case of CSPH's press con yesterday, they looked tired I think but omg, tired looks good on them cuz they were FLAWLESS!!!

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Do you think Baekseol is the same puppy as Princess Shiro?

Ummm I don't think so but we can't be sure unless he confirms it with photo evidence lol... we should wait and see =P

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Hi Mari!! Is it possible if we can ask FNC to have a Can't Stop in US?

We can ask them but I doubt it will happen since they made it clear 'Can't Stop' Tour was going to be for Asia. If they had plans to come here, I think we'd already have been hinted at and we havent lol. I really thing this tour will be over soon, sorry =(

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Hi...just wondering is CNBLUE USA not doing anything for Jung Shin's bday? I know you ladies have been busy with projects, so might not have time or energy to plan.

Actually we are sending him a gift package for Simba so we're getting everything ready now ^^

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Hi Mari, where are u watching The Three Musketeers Drama?

I'm not watching it right now. After I saw the first eppy on dramaload or something, I forget the site, and it was such terrible quality with subs, I figured to wait until Drama fever had the show.

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hi Mari.. do you know that one of the gogumas mentioned Peter Malick and told him that Yong was once married to seo? and that he should watch too? No harm I think, but to that extent? Peter is a boice and helped Yong with music, just music, didn't he?

No I didn't know that but I'm sure that's not the only crap he'll read from our fandom. Its pretty sad and pathetic that there are still ppl who feel the need to ship Yonghwa with Seohyun given they don't even talk to each other, but whatever... to each their own delusions I guess! I hope Mr. Malick knows it was just for TV tho lol

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Hi Mari! Have you ever been disappointed or felt cheap with a music video or pictorial of our boys? I mean, the boys are flawless and amazing as always but the setting is

What setting are you referring to? And yes, I don't know why but my expectations for a few of their MV's was more than they came to be. For instance, so many people were disappointed with 'Lady' PV cuz it was just soooooo boring though they all looked super sexy, the video just fell flat because they had a great song to work with and so much potential imo!

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If you could go one of these Japan music festival, which one do you prefer and why? Rock Nation, Summer Sonic Tokyo or SS Osaka

To be honest, I don't have a preference but if I had to choose one I guess it would be Summer Sonic. I don't care where they would play, if I could see them in Japan, I would just at the chance lol!!

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How was CNBLUE at KCON? :)

#CNBLUE was AMAZING at usual! I will be writing a full review of my KCON experience so please stay tuned for that!! =)

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Hi! Do you have go your way lyrics and translate? Thank you

The full song hasn't been released yet so how can I have the lyrics /trasnaltions??? Lol... As soon as the single is released, I will post it along with any lyrics I have found! Thanks ^^

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Besides CNBLUE, what else are u looking forward to at kcon?

I'm looking forward to seeing G Dragon and Teen Top on Saturday!! Sunday it seems only CNBLUE is worth my attention lol. My sis is totally pissed at me cuz she's an Angel (Teen TOp's fan) and I get to see them and she's staying home hahah... I guess I'll try to take some pics for her.

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Can you pack me in your suitcase & take me to K-Con?!?

Awwww I wish I could smuggle you in with me hahaha.... I think we'd get caught for sure =P

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Are you planning to go to airport to greet CNBLUE when they arrive?

TBH I'm not sure when they will arrive just yet so IDK if I will have time to go and welcome them.

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Hello! May I ask what DVD rip software do you use? Can you please recommend some? I'm having trouble finding good ones. Thank you!

This is one I use and its free!!

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If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?


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Do you sometimes worry about Yonghwa having more schedules than the other members? That he might go solo in the future? And by solo meaning out of CNBLUE?

Yes, I sometimes worry about all of the members' tight schedules because of touring and acting jobs and everything else that comes up! Not to mention upcoming album releases and so forth, yeah I worry about them and their health but this is their job! They signed up for the crazy schedules and concerts and fan meets and everything else they do. So we just have to pray that they can deal with it all and not get too tired of it before their time.

I do worry one day that there will be no more CNBLUE, someday it will happen but not now. Eventually, I can see them drifting apart if they don't stay on the same page creatively but not right now. They are still growing and have so much time and energy to give to CNBLUE so we shouldn't worry about them breaking up.

Yes, I think Yonghwa has the potential to have a solo career and be super successful but so can Jonghyun because those two guys are super talented in making music and having their own style. But again, they are dedicated to CNBLUE so I doubt they would leave for something else.

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Unnieeeeee...does minhyuk use double pedal for his drum?someone said yes, but i am not really sure

I'm not sure, I have no idea about drums or Minhyuk's personal setup >,<

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do u think cnb have girlfriends?

I should hope so, I mean they are men and men have NEEDS!! Actually, SO DO WOMEN!!!! /flies to Korea to find sexually deprived CNBLUE... hehehe

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Hi! Why nobody shares all skans from "Place of Blue"? Is it forbidden or not appropriate? They are beautiful...Can share them or its a bad idea?

If a contributor decides they don't want their scans or personally taken images shared then its their right for everyone to respect their wishes. Not sure if 'Place of Blue' has decided that they don't want their scans spread on the net but if that's the case, I wouldn't share their stuff. Somethings are just for your eyes to see and not for you to share with others, you know?

Whenever I share any media that I have found on the net, I always make sure to credit the owner/original source and ALWAYS link back to the source site where I found it.

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