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hey!! I've been looking for white tshirt for ages but I cant seem to find any that is not sheer. Any recommendations where I can get any good white tees?

I almost always look to asos for white t-shirts. The quality's good for an inexpensive price! I recently saw a nice v-neck t-shirt selling on The Scarlet Room too ( Or you can always check Zara and H&M!

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Does the white one you own get stained easily?

It doesn't, I'm proud to say :-) I've been wearing them pretty often and they're still white. They dry very easily (from pouring rain) and are really comfortable as well! Definitely one of my best buys

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do they sell the sandals in black too? :)

Yes they do!

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what's your carousell?

Same handle as my instagram's ー @nsyerin. Please show my carousell some love, I'm in dire need to clear my wardrobe!

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Hi may I know where did you got your white sandals from? And how much is it? The one you wore with your white stripe tee and blue denim shorts in the pic you posted on your ig. Thank you!!

The white sandals are from Styledasher! If I remember correctly, I got them for a little above $30. Aren't they perfect?!

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Where's styledasher located at?

Styledasher's located at the 1st level of Scape, love :-)

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well shit, im gonna bring my closet then! haha! thanks for being so online Erin you da bomb! :)

Aww thanks, sweetie!! :*

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what's the weather like in Singapore during June/July? and appropriate outfits? ;) :*

Though I can't say for sure, due to climate change and all, Singapore's usually plagued with humid and sticky weather during June - July. It can also get really sunny and clouds are pretty much nowhere to be seen. So make sure to bring along sunblock and wear clothes suitable for summer weather. My outfits on constant repeat during the hot months are a sleeveless blouse & drawstring shorts, a white t-shirt loosely tucked into highwaist denim shorts / (occasionally) boyfriend jeans, cropped tops (aka heaven) with drawstring pants / anything highwaisted. My sneakers are worn to death and I rarely use backpacks because they usually result in really uncomfortable and sweaty back situations, especially if you'll be walking a lot :|

But do bring along a sweater or a jacket because, to counter the unbearably hot weather, malls in Singapore are usually full on blasting A/C and some can be extremely cold. Although, of course, this depends on your cold tolerance. And always pack with you an umbrella because the weather in Singapore can still be unpredictable af.. This past week, the sky hasn't been very good with making up its mind whether it wants to be sunny & hot or rain cats & dogs.

I hope my essay of an answer helped you out and enjoy Singapore if you're coming for a holiday! The weather here is a bitch but the country is still a beautiful one! :)

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as for landscape shots, would you personally use your kit lens or 50mm? actually, do you think your 18-55mm is good enough for a zoom lens? because mine is 18-135mm and its quite heavy for me so I'm thinking of switching it to maybe 18-55mm. but I'm not sure if it's good enough?

It depends whether the landscape you want to take is close or near. I took Mt Fuji with my 50mm lens but if I was nearer to a landscape, I would use the 18-55mm. Yes, 18-55mm is definitely good enough for a zoom lens! At least for travelling, that is. I didn't really zoom in on anything when I was using my 18-55mm. I myself have another kit lens that's 55-250mm and I have only used it once at a zoo. So yeah, I think 18-55mm works well enough!

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why did you interchange your lens in Japan? in what occasion do you use the 50mm lens? was thinking if I should bring only my 50mm lens, or my canon kit lens (18-135mm) over to Japan. the latter is pretty heavy that's why I'm considering the 50mm. but it's hard to shoot in 50mm right? D:

50mm is alright, except when you want to shoot from a close distance because it's inconvenient to do so from afar, which is when I'll change to my kit lens. My kit lens were not heavy so I didn't mind bringing it along with me everywhere I went. I'll use the 50mm lens when I want to take outfit shots, or take a picture with more focus, or when I want the picture to have better colours because I feel the 50mm lens have a better colour quality. I hope this helps! Carry a backpack if you're thinking of bring your kit lens after all and have lots of fun in Japan! It's an amazing and beautiful country ♥

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hi!! what camera lens do you normally use to shoot? esp for the photos in Japan!

Hi back atcha :) I usually shoot with my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. In Japan, I changed between my 50mm lens and one of the kit lens I got when I bought the camera, which I believe is the Canon EF 18-55mm IS II lens.

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Hi Erin how are you doing? I really enjoy your website Color With Rouge. You got some great stuff on there. Keep up the good work. Can I keep in contact with you via e-mail?

Hi there! Thank you so much for these incredibly kind words! <3 Sure, of course it'd be ok to keep in contact through email! Feel free to shoot me one :-)

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If you were referring to the pair of shorts, I'm not sure where :/ I found them in my closet one day and just slipped them on! I'm not sure if I still have them but if I do, I might sell them on Carousell (if you're from SG) or Depop (if you're from overseas)!

If you were referring to the pair of shoes, they're Dr Martens :-)

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do you have any tips dressing for short girls? say 5'1? haha thanks in advance! :*

I'm not much taller than you, just 5'2 myself! And I'm not extremely knowledgeable about clothing illusions, but I try to avoid wearing high-cut shoes/boots that go too much above my ankles & I like wearing high waist jeans more than low rise jeans. Though I avoid those more because I have pretty big thighs and calves from my ballet days. Boyfriend jeans are also my best friend :-)

But honestly, just wear what you like and don't care so much about your height! I don't know much about what to wear to make myself look taller so I actually just wear anything I think I look ok in :-)

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damn girl your fashion's so fiiiiiineeee

Thank youuuuu <3 you're the one who's fiiiiiiine :*

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Why do girls wear shorts under skirts and dresses? I saw some girls wearing tight black shorts under their skirts and dresses

Um... not sure if this is a joke. Pardon me if I'm being rude but... "tight black shorts" are what we call safety shorts and I'm sure you'd understand what that means?

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oh i see! thank you so much! i was hopingthere are similar bags as well most esp the bucket/drawstring ones coz they are flawless! inlove with it plus you paired them with your clothing perfectly hayy, will try to get my hands on them when opportunity to go to singapore knocks

Thank you, once again! You're truly the sweetest!! :* Do keep looking, bucket bags are lovely :)

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i love your feed girl, very classy

Thanks, love :*

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Do you have any issues with wearing specs? I wear specs full time and sometimes feel that it doesn't matches well with what I wear/ want to wear.. :/

Hi fellow myopia victim! I wear specs full time too, since I can get quite paranoid with contact lenses. I used to think my specs didn't match well with my outfit too but the trick is to find the perfect pair of specs. I admit that I haven't found the perfect pair yet but the one I have now is close to perfect so, no I don't have any issues with wearing specs :) Find one that frames your face well, isn't too plain (mine is faux tortoise shell) and most of the time, "nerd specs" are best matching on any outfits! I hope this helps! Show myopia who's winning!

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Wow! I love how you answer all your asks Erin :) Btw, I checked Eleventhparade and you're right! that shop had me crying </3 :'((( they're only SG based? oh boy how it pains me please tell me they can ship it to Philippines? God bless you dear! Keep inspiring! xoxo from Phil!

Ahaha thank you, you're the sweetest!! (。・//ε//・。) Oh noo, I think they only ship locally at the moment... You could try Fleuraw then! It's a similar store and they ship internationally :-) xoxo

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how tall are you? and where do you buy all your slippers and slip ons? they're gorgeous! btw you are really pretty ;)

I'm a petite 158cm :-) hmm.. Not sure which slippers you're speaking of, but my slipons are from Styledasher and I mostly shop on asos for shoes! And thank you so much bb, I'm so flattered <3

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i'll be visiting SIngapore!!! Please tell me where to go to to make my trip a bomb one! :)

Definitely take some time to visit a hawker centre and eat all the hawker food & drink sugarcane juice with lemon! Do touristy stuff at Gardens by the Bay & Resorts World Sentosa. Shop at malls along Orchard Road and stores at Haji Lane. You should also go to East Coast Park, rent a bike and cycle along the beach :) I hope this helps! Enjoy your stay in sunny Singapore!

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erin where do you mostly shop??? your style is uniquely fab!!!

Thank you babe! <3 I mostly online shop and asos is my drug. I also like to buy from stores with good black clothing like Young Hungry Free,, Eleventhparade. When I finally bother leaving home, I always have to make a trip to Styledasher, H&M & Zara, though Zara is mostly for window shopping because I'm broke 24/7 ;^;

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Hi i just want you to know that you have inspired me in dressing minimal, going monochrome forever!!! and checking your IG from time to time! Love all the way from PH <3 :*

Thank you so much for the love, sweetie! <3 Yes, dressing minimal will forever be the way to go ;) Have fun getting drenched in monochrome!

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who takes your Instagram photos? :)

my youngest sister takes them :-)

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