why did you interchange your lens in Japan? in what occasion do you use the 50mm lens? was thinking if I should bring only my 50mm lens, or my canon kit lens (18-135mm) over to Japan. the latter is pretty heavy that's why I'm considering the 50mm. but it's hard to shoot in 50mm right? D:

50mm is alright, except when you want to shoot from a close distance because it's inconvenient to do so from afar, which is when I'll change to my kit lens. My kit lens were not heavy so I didn't mind bringing it along with me everywhere I went. I'll use the 50mm lens when I want to take outfit shots, or take a picture with more focus, or when I want the picture to have better colours because I feel the 50mm lens have a better colour quality. I hope this helps! Carry a backpack if you're thinking of bring your kit lens after all and have lots of fun in Japan! It's an amazing and beautiful country ♥