what's the weather like in Singapore during June/July? and appropriate outfits? ;) :*

Though I can't say for sure, due to climate change and all, Singapore's usually plagued with humid and sticky weather during June - July. It can also get really sunny and clouds are pretty much nowhere to be seen. So make sure to bring along sunblock and wear clothes suitable for summer weather. My outfits on constant repeat during the hot months are a sleeveless blouse & drawstring shorts, a white t-shirt loosely tucked into highwaist denim shorts / (occasionally) boyfriend jeans, cropped tops (aka heaven) with drawstring pants / anything highwaisted. My sneakers are worn to death and I rarely use backpacks because they usually result in really uncomfortable and sweaty back situations, especially if you'll be walking a lot :|
But do bring along a sweater or a jacket because, to counter the unbearably hot weather, malls in Singapore are usually full on blasting A/C and some can be extremely cold. Although, of course, this depends on your cold tolerance. And always pack with you an umbrella because the weather in Singapore can still be unpredictable af.. This past week, the sky hasn't been very good with making up its mind whether it wants to be sunny & hot or rain cats & dogs.
I hope my essay of an answer helped you out and enjoy Singapore if you're coming for a holiday! The weather here is a bitch but the country is still a beautiful one! :)

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