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How gullible are you on a scale from 1-10?

Depends . I’ve been as high as a 10 before on that scale I can be pretty gullible

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Do you cry for your ex?

For her? Like when she cry’s I say “babe I got it this time “ and then I cry instead of her?

I need serious relationship

You won’t get one when you NEED it instead say I WANT a serious relationship and if you’re a women don’t say anything about a serious relationship until it’s Been at least a year you will scare us off

Your choice to be heterosexual... smart or religious?

It’s not a choice dude when did this start where people choose to be straight or gay bro I Dont think anyone Alive would choose to be gay

would you consider it a loser if your lover hugged you and asked you to caress his head

What do you mean like him rest his head on your lap while you caress his head? No I said it just means he’s comfortable around you I do with my girlfriend it’s actually really bonding

Doritos vs Fritos?

Doritos are made by Fritos so stop f*cking with my head!!! You’re doing it intentionally!!

Hey I just saw you walking down the sidewalk in front of my house, I yelled hi to you but you didn't say anything. Why did you ignore me?

I said hi back… we had a conversation… are you messing with me?


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