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One piece of advice to your younger self?

محمد ضرغام علی
Dear my younger self,
You’ve done ok. However, in the case, if time travel becomes a possibility, here's some advice. Btw, we’re quite stubborn and it’s possible you won’t listen to the advice.
You matter. Every choice and action you take, every word you speak has the capacity to influence others and, in turn, the decisions being made at that moment in time. Your views are unique to you. There is nothing wrong with making your own profile as strong as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to be brilliant. Be you and commit wholeheartedly to the change you want to see.

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My first mistake was trusting you to carry me
I should have carried myself
But I was weak, and small
You took advantage
You held me in your arms and loved me,
But when I told you my needs, did
The opposite
Put me in chains, now broken, now changed
You’re only a voice on the phone
A face
On the computer screen; your addictions
A long-forgotten memory
I can love you know
Forgive you
Forgive me.

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Post Anything :)

刘雄狮 Awwsama
Somehow, I found salvation in your eyes, it's profoundly true,
Eternity I could spend, staring beyond the great deep blue,
A whimsical world where the ocean greets the skies,
A never-ending voyage as I set sail into those eyes,
I hope someday I'll wake to find them across from me,
I seek in you nothing, but the one thing that comes free,
Though we both must be willing to give in order to receive,
It's all related to love and the first step is to believe,
We know it's undoubtedly there between the two of us,
But our pasts have given reason to cautiously trust,
My guard is down, so now it's your decision, stay or run,
Are you willing to move past the crimes others have done?
For I am nothing like them, I do not quietly wait in disguise,
With words true and a heart pure, I am not one of those guys,
I see love from another vantage point, a different view,
When I speak those powerful words, be assured it's true,
Open your heart and realize that I've said this to just a few,
There's no other way of getting around it, I'm in love with you…

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