Bennett N.

Who would you invite back?

Opinions may change but the top contenders for returning:
-Broniak (In a Second Chances-type season)
-yinzer149 (All-Stars or Second Chances since he was pre-jury)
Not everyone on this list will return and there could be others who I didn't mention who could return, but these are the people who really stood out to me during the season's run.

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Who do you think will take 10th place in the current season?

Hmm...I know this is probably a pretty risky bet but I'd have to go with JoelW55 getting 10th place.

Who provided the quotes in S1 & S2

I can't remember all of them, but off the top of my head:
"Whatever It Takes" -ColbyDonaldson8513
"Early Days" -Nicole16
"A State of Paranoia" -Zed55
"I Did The Math" -Yinzer149
"They Are About To Get A Survivor Lesson" -ColbyDonaldson8513
"Call Me Jesus Christ" -Zed55
"Create Some Chaos" -DallasAndrew
"Something...Different" -awwsum11
"Desperate Situations Call For Desperate Measures" -ryanhawk71
"Anything Is Possible" -LaFierceBrittany2
"Path of Destruction" -ryanhawk71

A conclusion of Pic Macaya? A summary better said?

I can give a vague summary, if that's what you're asking for:
-Montrouis is a powerhouse, pre-merge, Bouyaha continues to go to tribal council.
-An alliance between Andrew, Axoxo, and Brittany is formed on Bouyaha.
-Cyanide and levonini are taken out as challenge liabilities.
-Justunreal is seen as a threat, and someone who is trying to stir up drama within the tribe.
-Montrouis dynamics are pretty boring. Not much is going on pre-merge.
-Axoxo goes inactive, and is voted out once Bouyaha is dwindled down to the alliance of four.
-Right off the bat at merge, Warthhogs and awwsum11 flip over to work with the Bouyaha three.
-Once Montrouis' "leader" (Alaskan) is taken out, the Bouyaha three promptly flip on awwsum and Warth.
-At final five, Brittany strikes first on the Bouyaha three. She flips to the two remaining Montrouis to vote out old ally, Ryan.
-In the end, DallasAndrew beats Brittany in a 3-2 vote because he had a better social game.

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Season 1 > Season 2

Yeah, I'd have to agree. Pic Macaya is alright, though. It had a few strong characters.

Best confessional giver of Islands of Soceity

There were a lot, I don't really think I could quite narrow it down to one. Overall, I feel like the most consistently detailed confessionals came from ColbyDonaldson8513, yinzer149, and Nicole16. There were like five other players who sent me confessionals, but they either only sent a few, or they were just very short.

Why is there only 14 people?

Well, I was planning on a sixteen person cast. I had sixteen players originally and two replacements, but two people dropped out so they were replaced by the replacement. Then, literally an hour before the game was set to begin, two more dropped out and I had no more replacements so I had to just go with it. I should've gotten more than two replacements, but I didn't expect four people to leave the game so yeah, that's how Survivor: Pic Macaya had a cast of fourteen.

Opinions of jury plus the F2

9th- Max7313- Generally inactive. I wish he would've focused more on the game because he could've been pretty interesting.
8th- Harrywasnak- He was there, but he didn't send too many confessionals. And for that, I can't really say too much about him unfortunately.
7th- Matedog1209- I actually liked Matedog a lot. He seemed nice and interested in the game. Unfortunately, he was dealt a bad hand of cards and wasn't able to recoil from Yinzer's blindside.
6th- ColbyDonaldson8513- Colby was definitely the big player of the season. He played a very strong game, but a lot of people caught on to that and that was his downfall. If his gameplay was a bit more subtle, he could've gone a bit longer.
5th- DryIceBros- Greg is cool but he was also pretty quiet this game. Like Harry, I would've liked to hear more from him because I feel that he could've added a lot to Islands of Society.
4th- Zed55- Zed was playing TOO under-the-radar. He was so good at not being a frontrunner, that people wanted to take him to the end as a goat. I don't know whether or not Zed would've won or lost, but even though he was quiet, he definitely had a well thought out plan.
3rd- Nicole16- Nicole was my winner's prediction at the merge. I really enjoyed watching her play because she managed to avoid several bad scenarios. (ex: Began at the bottom of Huahine, had a tribe switch and was sent over to Tetiaroa, managed to go far at merge even though people knew she was a social threat).
2nd- JakeD- Jake was a blast to watch, but he was a bit too aggressive. He was a physical and strategical player, but he lacked severely in the social department of Survivor. Had he been a bit nicer to his tribe mates, he likely would've won.
1st- DanielzSnooz- Daniel played a very savvy game. He wasn't too aggressive, he wasn't too under-the-radar. He was always a frontrunner, but never too much at the front. This allowed him to sneak by yet still be able to show that he deserved to win Sole Survivor.

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So whatcha think of the winner?

I was very happy with Daniel winning. Honestly, I expected Jake to win but his social game was not the best towards the end. If he was a little nicer to people I think he would've had a better shot at winning. Daniel played a great game though. He seemed to have a good social game, was close with a lot of people, and took part in a lot of strategic moves. He played a good game and he deserved to win.

Whos the person that got the most robbed on not getting to the Final 2?

yinzer149 (Definitely most robbed of not even making jury)
All of the other jurors (minus Max) played generally good games, but I feel like those three could've done really well had they reached the end.

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