Ask @cooltrainermichael:

I'm competing in a friendly pokemon stadium tournament in a few weeks (rental, poke cup, 6v6) and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my team and maybe some general tactics. At the moment I have Starmie, Kadabra, Jynx, Rhyhorn (alt: Graveler), Jolteon, Tauros (alt: Snorlax/Persian).

Unforunately, I am not very informed of the Poke Cup rentals, but quickly scanning through the available Pokemon on Serebii, that looks like your best best. Starmie iirc has a godly moveset in Pokecup, and most other Pokemon are fast, high special users which is great. Tauros and a Rock/Ground type is very effective in Gen 1 competitive, so you can't go wrong there. Overall, I think you should stick with that first team.

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