Do you feel it’s important to have friends?

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I feel it's important to care about yourself, learn yourself, and love yourself first. Naturally you'll have friends or aquaintences, but as you get older, or hopefully sooner, you see through people's b.s. Keep ya circle small, and only let those who have ya best interest at hand close to you. Everybody doesn't need to know everything about you. They only try to use it against you, or put ya business in the street. Smh. And don't push people who truly care away. Their love may be tough, but it's real.
As human society none of us exist… save only in relation to others whom share our walk of human experience.
Just imagine for a moment… That all of a sudden against your wishes and control… You are suddenly confined to solitude for as long as you can draw breath… With no hope of escape?
The only thing that reminds you of your previous connection with others is memory!
That over a very short amount of time… without external stimulation by connection in the real world to validate memory and keep the neural receptors in the brain firing.
Thus alas… before you know it?
Degradation and the passage of time… which is ultimately the tyrannical impatient master of everything. Second by second passes by sweeping along with its path… Yesterday today on its way to tomorrow.
Do you remember intricate detail of someone that was special to you at school for example?

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