What is one thing you wish you could be doing right now?

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if my refurbished PS 2 console was working, I would be playing Vice City... or challenge my loved ones to some Monopoly; but lately, that game hasn't been loading properly.
Eating oysters
I wish I was at an oyster bar literally I’m super hungry I had an egg and a rice cake for dinner which is what I had for breakfast
Oysters are really delicious
But also if I ate anything other than what I do I’d feel gross the next day n honestly still do with what I do I wake up feeling extremely bloated from the smallest stuff
I think I need more vegetables in my diet and fruits less eggs
You know you’re supposed to eat hard boiled eggs to lose weight ur supposed to have one or two at night and one after ur metabolism starts the next day whenever that is
and anything else is bad for u but I eat other stuff sometimes
Like yesterday I had a hamburger and nothing else and I went for a run but I woke up feeling bloated
the day before that I had something else bad for me but it made me sick the next day
it’s really stressful honestly is a very fine balance
I really like oysters a lot and stuff
Now I’m not hungry anymore cause of the rice cake I put some nutritional yeast on it but I’m tired now like my brain is melting into my eyeballs and all of my limbs are made of gelatin and lard kind of like a meat soup

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