By forgiveness but not forgetting how much hurt I felt at the hands of my fukkiing wife by betraying every single part of our relationship that made it only ours. She gave the most important parts of us to another motherfukker I knew as a friend. Once your away from the mess of it your going to see things in a new and brighter light your going to realize your only staying bc no one likes being fukk'd over especially when our partner chose to sleep with another woman or man in my case. It's very fukking hard to except. They aren't capable of giving us, you the love you deserve just as they are in the act of searching for themselves. You will be his biggest regret for his entire life. I promise that. Carry yourself with an extra dose of confidence so the whole world knows how you took a hard shot , it hurt but it's behind me now fueling your bad ass self up for a new refined version of yourself. Fukk emcall up with smiles no tears for the wolves to see only in private and never in front of your problem

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