Москва , где миллионы дорог , ведущие от сердца к сердцу , где каждая квартира чуть ли не за 40 в месяц , а центре ещё больше , там конечно рубят по серьёзному, а у меня где я , часто пролетают самолёты, могут утром , а могут вечером.
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Let her use photos of what she’s going to do in the bedroom. Let her show the details of when she becomes Mrs. Let her do it 9 years before she gets married. Then let her show the world that she finally did it.
She got pregnant the same fucking day. And they all keep it a secret out of fear of the evil eye. They kept it all a secret as you’re living through her choices. You who didn’t do anything to deserve it have to fucking hear it day in and day out!!


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