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This boy ask me out but I don't like him! I don't want to hurt his feelings so what should I say? No or yes?

hi, sorry for not answering on time! and if you don't like him, then just say no! but don't be like, "ew, wtf??? hell no, i don't wanna go out with you!" instead say, "i would really appreciate if we kept this relationship on a friendship level." or "i really don't want to go any farther than being friends."
even a simple "no" would be fine - just not a harsh one!

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What are you wearing right now?

my class shirt, leggings and my school's socks :)

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Hi I was wondering on your polyvore account if you could do some workout things like do a workout plan

what kind of workout plans exactly? request here:

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Plz answer questions

we are now!

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I dated a guy for 11 months but then we broke up. He promised we would stay friends but whenever I text him he acts annoyed (I know how he texts when he's annoyed) We don't go to the same school anymore either since I moved and it just makes things worse. How do I get over him?

i say DON'T TALK TO HIM. if you keep trying to communicate with him, it's just going to remind you more and more of him. and honestly, i'm not really sure he wants to talk to you even though he says you guys would stay friends (which RARELY works out).
i'm not going to say that you should talk to other guys and get a rebound, but i think that you should try mingling with other people. after all, you're single! do whatever you want!

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