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What does the past mean to you?

The past means a lot to me, pleasant memories, good times and things to learn from every experience that I have had.. The past is not to be worried about and not to be forgotten too, it is a story that has many different chapters, Chapters that help us see who we are and what we have done, and how can we change ourselves if we want to.. It is to learn and rectify our mistakes..

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We blame government. we blame society. But why we never look at ourselves because we choose the government and we are the society ?

Baabubhaiya’s Profile PhotoBabu Bhaiya
It's not only about us choosing the government , and whether us going to the polling stations matters or not. "Jaisi qaum hotee hai waisey hi us kay hukmaraan bhi hotay hain." Hamain pataa hai kay ham kitnay paani main hai. We say that our leaders are greedy, corrupt, liars etc. We should consider what we are doing too. We pay the police to get out of a situation and we say wo rishwat laitey hain, we all want a lot of money, even if the process is not halaal and we say the leaders are greedy, we don't want to stand in lines for our turn but we want discipline, we want to have everything possible and we say we want economical stability and equality. All these people with power are just like us, except that they have power and they are in the eyes of everybody. Leaders ham main say hi bantey hain , tou achay leaders kay liye pehlay khud bhi insaan ka bachaa ban'na zaroori hai..

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What are you thinking rn?

roshsmile’s Profile PhotoMisba T. Awan
Chuptay Nahin Ho Saamne Aatay Nahin Ho Tum
Jalwa Dikha Ke Jalwa Dikhatay Nahin Ho Tum
Dehr-o-haram Ke Jhagray Mitatay Nahin Ho Tum
Jo Asal Baat Hai Woh Batate Nahin Ho Tum
Hairan Hoon Mere Dil Mein Samaaye Ho Kiss Tarha
Halanke Do Jahan Mein Samaatay Nahin Ho Tum
Yeh Maabad-o-haram Ye Kaleesa-o-dehr Kyon
Harjaai Ho Jabhi To Batatay Nahin Ho Tum...

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