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What would you do with it, If You received a check from Donald trump for $150,000?

Pay off my student loans. Lol. Probably invest the rest.
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I’ll always love u M and you know my socials if u ever want to come back. I’ll always be there for u. I’m sorry bout what happened.


Is it rude if I don’t date poly ppl?

No, you can date as many people as you like. Have three dates on the same day at different times. It's having multiple relationships at the same time that will be a problem. That's considered to be cheating.

when do you think the one world state will be established?

When I have become king of the multiverse.

What can you do on an android that you can't do on an iPhone?

Certain mobile applications are only available on android devices.

Do you mind when people ask you sexual based questions?

I'm an open book. You can be very personal with me.


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