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What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities?

I'm ridiculously bipolar. I can be shy and friendly one minute, then distrustful and pessimistic in a few hours. I don't like it but what can you do?

How tall is Frannie? And does she prefer shorter or taller girls?

Frannie is 5'1 and she prefers tall girls because she is very submissive. But she can still tap into her dom side :3

What if we want to send a nude and get feedback but worry about you seeing our identity?

Honestly I don't answer to nudes from anons. I promise not to distribute the nudes, but in the end it's your choice ; u;

Hey, can you show us the best dicks/nudes people have sent you during the great crablouse nudefest of 2015?

KargathDickfist’s Profile PhotoBendoge
as much as i love you guys, i gave my word to these awesome folks that I would not share their nudes. <3

I'm not sure if I'd have liked who you were before, I really like who you've become Crabby. That's not a question, it's just something I really wanted to tell you.

Abloobloobloo <3 thanks , anon!

Crabby, how important is height in a guy for you if at all?

I've banged guys shorter than me (but with big ass DIIIIICKS) so it's w/e.

Sometimes I worry I'm a prude because I don't think I'm half as sexually liberated as you. I like sex and sex related stuff but you're pretty sexual! Should I press what I feel comfortable with?

Don't worry about it. I'm a slunt.

Are you just naturally a super sexual person or did you just get that way over time? Been a long time fan and always wondered that.

Honestly I've always been on the adventurous side when it came to sex shit. i don't even want to tell you what I did as a loli.


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