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Who is the person you go to for advice/help most? and why them

@Trenton03 and because he listens to me and I can literally trust him with anything and he's helped me through a lot

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why aren't @hailey_bear233 and @aaliyah__alley friends anymore

If she doesn't want to say why then I'm not just go ask her it's probs not your business 😂😂 @hailey_bear233

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highest snap streak?

I lost all of my highest streaks on Tuesday so my highest streak rn is 92

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Compliment- your smile is pretty much perfect!


Thank you sm 😊

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i'm having bad cramps... what helps? besides meds

Put a hot pad thing under your stomach it might help

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love yourself. you're perfect!❤ (sent to perfect people who need to love themselves and think highly of themselves)


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op on Sean Roan

He's cool and runs fast

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Selfie of you running from the crazy neighbor! 😂


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Selfie with the crazy neighbor!

He'll shoot me if I get on his property

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Why does that suck?

It doesn't suck it's just boring cause he lives in the middle of nowhere with 1 crazy neighbor

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wyd today

At my dad's 😒

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op on Emma Smith

She has nice hair

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have you ever been in (or in now) an elmo phase?


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do you have the afterschool app

what happened in Bre's (from eastern) live streams last night??


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Last op question, op on Brynn Tower


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op on Lexi Hernandez

She's super pretty and she's cool but we don't talk

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weekend plans?

Going to Cincinnati with my cousin for a cheer competition

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plans for Thursday? (tomorrow)

Cheer then coming home

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how much do you weigh? (sent to ppl i think are skinny and want their weight to be my goal😭)❤️ i weigh 236 lbs.

If you think I'm skinny there's something seriously wrong with you😂 no offense

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