Ask @crickex:

Do you know of the Georgia Guidestones? They're set up in a way similar to Stonehenge. The sunlight shines through at very specific angles and they're all engraved with messages about how we should live. Essentially saying to not overpopulate Earth, respect nature etc What are your thoughts on them?

King Fink
Mmm not heard of them before but sounds very interesting. Think who ever read the inscription decided not follow the guides.
I'm not a big fan of history and monuments so not particularly interested in who built them or why, There could be more of these around the world though which could mean something

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Happy friday! Fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life so dont let fear ruin the life you truly wanna live! Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of you all! Has anything unexpected happened to you recently? If so what was it? Hugs love you!

Sarah J Lopez
Happy Friday Sarah! If we can overcome our fear/s we can do anything we want to! Nothing unexpectedly has happened recently, though it is Christmas, unexpected things can happen (:
Have a nice weekend and a fabulous week ahead! Stay true to yourself, stay happy and stay positive!

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Christmas is 2 weeks away i cant believe how fast its coming up! Do you have your Christmas tree up? lights put up? Or your Christmas shopping done? What are you excited about this Christmas? Hope you get everything your heart desires โค love you hugs

Sarah J Lopez
Our tree went up on the 6th before my nephew and niece came over on Friday. Most of my shopping is done, just a couple thing more which I'll have to wait for payday and I'm hoping it'll be just a little earlier than usual for the weekend haha.
I'm exited to not be working it this year, normally work Christmas week like the 27th I'm normally in which is also my birthday but I have been lucky to that week off. And being it is my birthday, I'm going to see Bumblebee in cinema!
Hope you are not stressing out and that you are taking it easy for Christmas which I know it is hard with all the excitement but health comes first! Stay happy Sarah (:

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