Ask @crickex:

Happy friday! I hope you all have a amazing day! And weekend! I hope you try new things and make lots of memories as the days come by Esp cherish the moments you have! They helped you become who you are which is a awesome person☺ please never change Love u hugs ❤

Sarah J Lopez ❤
Happy Sunday! Sorry this is late. Every day is a new beginning and a perfect place to do the things you couldn't do yesterday.
Be whoever you want to and do anything you want to.
Have the best week and unforgettable nights Sarah (:

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Hello everyone, I'm back on here, apparently been too active on here, just answered some of your questions, and nothing else, just been busy with life and university. Ask anything nice and if you need to talk, I'm here! Sending good vibes, peace and love!

Music Passionate
I was a bit too active and now don't seem to be active enough.
Hope uni is going good and the same here if you need to talk (:

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Are you currently reading a book? If so what one? If not, do you remember the last book you read? Also, are there any books you want to read?

Jody ❤️
Reading books for me is like trying to see while my eyes are closed. Can't read books, get too confused about the which character is which and forget what I have read just after the first page.
I would love to read these some amazing books that people talk about, let my imagination run wild and be creative

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Do you mind being in a relationship with someone who doesn't speak the same language as you? In other words, either you have to learn your partner's language or vice versa?

It would be a challenge yes but that's what a relationship is. Think it would be quite interesting to learn another language itself besides of learning it because of your partner

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Happy friday❤ i hope you have a amazing weekend ahead of you! If not that the weekdays are even better! Don't let others steal your joy or smile by their words or actions Share your joy and smiles with everyone you meet because someone might need one ❤ love you hugs

Sarah J Lopez ❤
Happy Friday! Let your happiness be your own and no one else's. Your happiness is an important factor to a happy life. Hope your weekend and weekdays will be special and stay strong Sarah (:

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