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here I am writing you something to keep it on your page as I promised. we met 4 fucking years ago when i came to italy😏 honestly I don't even know where to start. we met accidentally but became very close the moment we started talking. I'm very happy to say I'm your friend for all those years cause you are amazing for real. you've been by my side since day one, to support me, give me love and basically provide me with everything I needed. and i can't find the words to thank you enough. you always know what to say and you always make me laugh with your savage and lame jokes. I love how even when we had our arguments, you didn't run away. I appreciate all of those things you did for me, you were always on my side and when i needed help and protection you were there when no one else was. so listen up girl, keep up the beautiful smile of yours and always be happy and positive cause you deserve it. I won't let anyone or anything ever hurt you cause it would hurt me as well. you deserve only the best and I hope I'll be able to give that to you💯 you're so great in so many ways i could write for days about you and it wouldn't be enough. thank you for being my friend, for teaching me so many things and for staying there for me 24/7. I'm always going to be your right hand whenever you need me, don't forget that. I love you so much and once again thanks for everything you've done and still do for me. 🔐❤ - Harry

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here I am writing you something to keep it on your page as I promised we met 4