Ask @crimson613:

What process is understood as education?

oh god. am i even the right person to be answering this??
i think it depends. in some places education is gimme your money and here's the decent grade (or not, maybe they don't care). in other places it's properly teaching you new things, exposing you to the world, and making you a decent human being. sometimes education sits somewhere in the middle. sometimes it's "this is Right and everything else is Wrong". education also doesn't mean anything if the student doesn't put forth the effort in learning. SIGH. But education should always be progress and commitment from both sides.

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Should people be given a second chance? ?

i feel like i've answered this question before, lol. i think some people deserve a second chance but it also depends on why they need that second chance and if the other person is willing to give that second chance. sometimes even when the other person is willing, some people still don't deserve that second chance. in conclusion, it depends.

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