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Hi, Christine! I know you probably get this all the time, but how did you get the inspiration to start writing? I've always wanted to start writing but I keep coming up reasons (excuses) like writer's block or just pure laziness...

I hate the word limit so much, ugh. Just wanted to tell you that you're easily one of my most favorite writers on WP. And you being so humble and kind just adds more fuel to it. That's such a weird analogy to use, but I love you. Keep doing the beautiful thing you've been doing. <3
This is a great question but I feel so under-qualified to answer since I haven't updated anything in two months, haha. I feel you on a personal level. I don't push myself to write since writing is just recreational for me and I put my family and work first, but in order to take writing seriously, you might have to force yourself to put down a few words every day. Don't wait till inspiration strikes; you have to chase it (easier said than done, I know).
And thank you so much for the kind words! I've so very flattered to hear I'm one of your favorite writers on Wattpad. You must be a beautiful person, too, to take time out of your hectic life for leaving me this message, so thank you and I wish you a very happy new year. I love you too xx

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Tips on how to break up dialogue between characters? I have over 1,000 words of important dialogue between chaaracters with not a lot of descriptive writing inbetween, and i'm not sure how to break it up!

I'd separate it with the characters' thoughts and some actions, but try not to do it so deliberately that it reads like the actions are just thrown in for the sake of it. If the dialogue is strong enough (I think it is since you mentioned it's important), it can hold the readers' attention :)

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