Ask @crocodilejaws:

Describe the first incarnation of GAIL and what they looked like vrs their current design

I could just show a picture but I feel like that would truly capture the spirit of gail's transformation as an oc.
The FIRSSST incarnation of GAIL was this rattle snake w three horns and this swirly thing under its eye. I got it from a dream where I picked a rattle snake out of the grass and was like HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS ITS MINE NOW and running around showing people and scaring them because who holds a rattle snake. Though it was a normal rattle snake.
and then I used that but gave him horns and so on and was like. yes. good. Also his name was Crisis.
and then i turned him into a human and his hair was more poof and less lush. and he had the swirly things still and a snake tongue and a rattle tail. and his outfit was BLACK with WHITE ACCENTS he was so badass!!! and he SMOKED i got in trouble for putting him in a middle school art project cause he was SMOKING in it so they wouldnt put my picture up in the office because it had SMOKING in it.
he also liked fire and to blow shit up.
And then at some point I was like. Crisis isnt a person name. So I decided to change it. And his name became Abigail for a while. I dont remember the reasonint, but I then decided to change it to just Gail.
and then he shifted into where he is today!
an irish setter.

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If all your characters were dogs would that make you a literal animal hoarder? Also what oc would have to be the 1 human to walk them all and scoop up their poop

It would make me a literal animal hoarder. Look at all my dogs. When I was little I used to think about owning so many dogs. I imagined having like a zoo in my backyards except just dogs. Those are my ocs.
the one oc that would b the 1 human to clean up their poop so it doesnt go in their yard...I kinda feel like it needs to be Gail tbh.

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