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Christina La Aureo
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?

Too hot

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What would you name your first child?

I like 'J' names

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Ask me some questions


tf bye

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have you heard of any other apps like chatous?

the fuck

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Pleas put your ass on my face :)


When I get home (;

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youre wonderful, yeah it was a stupid thing I did with a friend and I actually ended up talking to the guy, but thank you for the advice :)

Thank you! Always here (:

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UTURN king. Guess who

Miss you both :D

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I'm sexually frustrated. Guess who

this is you wantin dick LMFAO

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so this isn't a personal question, but a general one. whats your opinion on meeting someone online and keeping in contact? like just a random person you had a connection with in a chatroom. I realize this sounds dumb as all hell but I need advice

I think that's fine, I'm not too with the whole chat room thing cause it's pretty sketchy, but let's say IG/Twitter/Tumblr than yeah. Just stay safe, people aren't who they say they are nowadays. Always happy to help!

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What was the last drink you had?

raspberry ice tea it's poppin

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What does true friendship mean to you?

my princess @christinvhv

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Who are you?

some random little Asian girl who isn't a generic local or generic tumblr thot

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Do you prefer the toilet paper facing the wall or facing the opposite way?

opposite way

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What's on your summer reading list?

the 50+ chick magazines that still have the plastic that my sister gets just to throw out. someone's gotta read them before she does

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You're great

thank you c:

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What's the best dating advice you have?

You always come first. You are always your own, not your significant other's - you are just sharing yourself. Never forget that.

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What's the most awkward thing you can say in an elevator?

"You eat ass?"

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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?

uh tumblr twitter Kardashian game lmao

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Which is your song of the week?

Like Me - Denzel Curry been bumpin + HBK

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Its not fair you blocked me you dont know my story :(

lol but idk who you are and I probably blocked you for a reason dh

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Why you block me ?

But whom art thou?

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What is your breast size?

-F cups nah mean

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are you going to ramen festival tomorrow or sunday?

Tomorrow ~

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On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?

like 47 I like that number

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Just a hyphy lil' thing all about her grind.

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