Why don't you give a Ted talk? or a Defcon talk (you seem to like defcon).

the purpose of doing those conventions in person is for people to socialize. i'm not interested in trying to meet and persuade people via IRL socializing/networking. i'm not very good at it, and i think it's a bad approach. i focus on truth, not charisma, and especially not non-verbal charisma at real-time speed.
online does communication better. youtube videos are better than IRL talks, e.g. because they're asynchronous (you can watch at a different time than I talk) and has pause/rewind and playback speed controls. and you can't watch from home instead of traveling.
i know they make youtube videos out of convention talks, but you can skip the convention and just make a youtube video and also optimize the video (like do video editing and put in helpful illustrations and Keynote slide images, rather than just a video of IRL. also doing multiple takes of some or all of it can help with quality but that isn't done with convention videos. these methods of improving videos are well known and commonplace in general, they just aren't done with convention talk videos because with conventions the video is secondary and tacked on).
and video isn't even the main format i use. writing is the best overall format. video has some advantages and i think it's good to make a variety of stuff, but writing is the best for clarity and precision.
i also don't respect TED and TED would not invite me.
i also don't see the point of more focus on outreach without a message that actually would persuade and reach many people. what would i say in the talk that would be effective? i have a lot of great points which people don't want to hear... i have not solved that problem.