Ask @curi42:

Suppose you are having a consistent thinking problem where in certain situations you find yourself very attached to certain assumptions which may not be very warranted, and you find it very hard to think "outside the box" of those assumptions. Is there a general strat for fixing this?

If you learn some really unconventional and extreme ideas, which you initially disagree with, that could help. It could be good practice. Like learn capitalism, liberalism, reason, critical thinking and problem solving. Those are completely outside the box for our culture, so they could expand your mind.
The more general strategy is just to learn the proper methods of thinking – from Objectivism, Critical Rationalism and Fallible Ideas.

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> depends why they're poor and weak. is it their fault? Most people who are poor are born poor. They have to start from -10 level when the middle class get to start from 0 and the rich from level 10+. They also get destroyed by their environment.

i disagree.
in the US, most people over age 30 are poor b/c they are immoral. they could have become non-poor if they were better people.
in various third world countries, most people over age 30 are poor b/c their government sucks. e.g. it's corrupt and doesn't protect them from violence and theft. some of these people can be blamed for lack of effort to move to a different region of the country or a different country, but others don't really have much opportunity to move.

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Both major parties, and some minor ones, have female candidates for the presidential election. Is the US ready for a woman president?

Well, which female candidate is actually good?
I admit Hillary is no worse than Obama(a man). But she's an awful candidate.
I'd vote for Ann Coulter for president in a heartbeat. I don't mind female presidents. I never agreed with Rand about that. Yes a larger percentage of the male population would make a decent president – men more often have the right traits. But that doesn't matter. The people running for president are not a random sample, they are self-selected unusual people.

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