Ask @curious_01:

why do you skip questions

Sometimes I just pick out the ones that are the easiest for me to answer and leave the ones that take more thought to when I have more time. If it's a question about something I can't relate to or if it's about something too personal, or if it isn't really a question or attacks someone I'll delete it. For example, in okay answering some sex questions, but when the same person keeps asking question after question/digging, then I'll just answer the ones I want to and not answer the rest.

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Is it cute or creepy when mothers dress their kids up basically in the same outfit as theirs? Do you think the child will be bad at picking out clothing later on in life? Would you do that or let them find their own style along the way? example: dayanaira_summer on instagram.

I don't really think it's cute or creepy, I just think it's weird. I don't think it has any lasting effects, but I'd let them find their own style when they are old enough to do so. Meanwhile, just dress them in normal clothes, they don't have to match anyone else.

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