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Apa yang kamu lakukan sekarang jika internet tidak diciptakan?

Sepertinya aku akan membaca koleksi buku milik bapak dan kakekku sampai khatam semuanya.
Dulu waktu aku SD dan SMP, aku belum punya koneksi internet di rumah (aku baru bisa internetan kalo bapakku pulang bawa modem internet). Alhasil, untuk membunuh kebosanan, aku rajin banget baca novel. Hampir setiap minggu aku minta ke Gramedia untuk beli novel. Tapi sekarang internet di rumahku alhamdulillah sudah lancar jaya, jadinya aku terdistraksi dan lebih nggak produktif, deh.

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What do u do in ur spare time?

Ah, anon, honestly, I don't really feel like I have a (lot of) spare time. I am that kind of person who easily set standards, goals, and targets for my self, even for simple things. Therefore, I use most of my time (which you may call 'a spare time') to reach my standards and fulfill my goals and targets.
For example:
On Wednesday, I have two classes: civic ed and cellular and molecular biology. My classes start at 07.30 and finish at 11.10. You may say that I am free at 11.10 until the next day's 07.30, but actually I'm not.
Within that 'spare time', I (must/can) do lots of things: finishing assignments, going to some meetings, attending events, etc. But, the 'thing' that takes most of my 'spare time' is... reviewing what I studied earlier at class.
It is simply because I'm not really a fast learner and a brilliant memorizer. I need to review my lecture materials at least once to get the hang of it. And what I mean by 'review' is summarize information from many sources (lecturer's presentations, recordings, previous summary made by seniors, books, etc). So, if a class lasts for 100 minutes, I need to review the material at least for another 100 minutes. If in a day I have two classes, that means I need to review 200 minutes in a day. That means I need to study at least 400 minutes in a day.
But, sometimes, I feel so exhausted 'till I can't study anymore in that day. That makes me owe my self another 100 minutes of self study I must pay on the other day. If that keeps going on and on and on, I have LOTS of debts I need to pay to my self.
Those are what make me feel like I have so little spare time. I consider my self having a spare time when I really really really have nothing to do, like when I'm having holidays.
So, when I really do have a spare time (or when I'm just too lazy or too tired to be productive)(I'm just another human being pls don't judge me), I...
1) chat with some friends online,
2) watch YouTube videos (at the moment, I'm very addicted to mind-blowing channels such as TED-Ed, Half as Interesting, and Vox)
3) watch movies and TV serials,
4) surf the internet (includes reading people's blog, answering anonymous questions on like now, scrolling feeds on Instagram, watching people's stories on Instagram, etc)
5) hang out with some friends, and
6) check the fridge continuously, hoping there's any food I can eat.
Wow, that's so long.

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