Ask @cxsmicdust:

Top Five favorite movies? of all time? Also I love your books!

thx thx so much xo.
ummm... that's hard bc like does the harry potter series count as one slot or do i have to choose five out of eight? eh. okay, in no particular order:
the harry potter series
the fault in our stars
the perks of being a wallflower
crazy stupid love
john tucker must die
**im sure im forgetting multiple movies that i love but these are the five that come to mind at the moment so

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Ranking of the songs on Ed Sheeran's new album?

firstly, im ridiculously obsessed with divide. secondly, this is my ranking rn but it's easily subject to change bc the songs are so good lol.
galway girl
new man
how would you feel
nancy mulligan
what do i know
save myself
bibia be ye ye
shape of you
hearts dont break around here
castle on the hill
supermarket flowers

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when will u update tgitbd?

i've been having a lot of trouble with the girl in the boys' dorms. i feel like when i started it, i was really excited about it, so i would just pump out chapter after chapter. but at this point, i'm honestly kind of tired of it. i still love that book, ofc, and i want to finish it, but it's not as easy as it used to be to just spew out chapters. i've written new books that i haven't published yet that i want to, i've been working on poetry and fanfictions on my other accounts, i've been rewriting some of my old stuff. there's just a lot of other things that i'm more excited about, so it makes it harder for me to write for the girl in the boys' dorms. i'm still trying, though, and hopefully i'll have a new chapter out in the upcoming weeks.
**sorry for the ridiculously long answer lol

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