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You're so fucking weir stop hitting on all these guys you can't get

Who am I hitting on? And pretty sure I'm not trying to get anyone...?

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Truth is ; okay well basically we're the gayest best friends ever bc we do the stupidest stuff together but I love and you are stunningly gorgeous and perfect and I love you beaar

BriannaPricee’s Profile PhotoBrianna Price
Gayfers together 5eva(;
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Truth is: We are so close that it is unbelievable. I can count on you for anything. You're always there when I need you. All in all we are wifeys at heart. ❤️ You're beautiful and crack me up at every opportunity you have. I'm always laughing when I'm with you. We need to get our matching sweaters!!

jackierone’s Profile PhotoJackie Rone
Awh that made my day, ily! Yes we do! Soon child, soon.
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What a turd, you ask me about her several days aaaaaaafter I'm done answering those. Jeezus. She's a fagbag. Jk, lol she's my new soccer buddy that I will enjoy kicking her ass. Buuuuut we should talk more bc she's really nice! I seriously think she needs to pick a favorite maroon 5 song though.
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