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Do you have plan this weekend?

not really. i'm just at home doing the cleanings and then busy with college stuff.

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How to truly forgive people?

i don't forgive. i treat them like strangers. like, i never met them before.

How you Guyz remove your Boredom?

as for me, i love taking long naps and just sleep the boredom out. but, if it doesn't involve resting, napping, or sleeping. i always watch tv shows/movies online, listening to songs, playing games, reading, and cleaning my room.

What's your plan for today?

literally nothing. i just sleep all day cuz i've been so tired lately. probably bcs of that booster shot i received last week @_@

Are you good at giving advices?

yes, maybe? but, it's weird that i can give advices to people and i don't even applied it to myself LOL

Suggest 5 lagu.

cry baby - the neighbourhood
ultraviolence - lana del rey
bagdad - rosalia
are you bored yet? - wallows ft. clairo
humongous - declan mckenna

Do you enjoy being on askfm?

i do enjoy being here a lot. but there was a certain time where my opinion about love and relationship differed from the questioner, all of a sudden they were being so bitter and start to argue with me. like, i'm worried with these people focusing too much on love and being in a relationship and they don't even focus on theirselves that they even degrade themselves just bcs of their toxic partners. thank god everytime people want to argue with me online, i will direct to the point just ignore cuz it ain't worth my time.

Have you ever encountered someone who’s obsessed/act weird to you?

yes, i did. but that was long time ago.

Too fool to wait someone until now.

fxxjaafar’s Profile PhotoFeeJaafar
we all should learn to stop waiting for someone that doesn't know our presence and have some self-respect to ourselves.

How complicated your relationship is?

currently not in a relationship so i'm glad i don't have to be in an intense situation due to relationships for a moment

What are you doing now? Besides answering shoutouts here.

sticking the vick's inhaler right up my nose cuz i'm addicted to it LOL

Korang percaya ke dengan roh/jin yang masuk badan dan bercakap antara perantaraan?

spirits do exists. but idk about spirits that can just take over ur body cuz some people can fake it and some don't. dua hati nak percaya.

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Kalau pancut luar ngandung tak?

still can occur if the man is a bit inexperienced. also, just bcs there's condom involved, doesn't mean that pregnancy can't occur. take birth controls, just in case. also, if you need advice on sexual health, i think it's not suitable for you to ask here. ask those who are experts.

someone explain how this app works , is it only for nearby people?

for shouts, probably yes. so far, i only get shouts from malaysians.

A likes B, B likes C, C likes C. what do you think? should B go to A?

well, it's up to B. if they want, just go for it. if not, then do nothing.

brapa crush korang kt ask?? tkmo kira crush kt tiktok fb twitter ig pe semua..tkmo answer tkde ngaku jela pernah ada tersuka sikit walaupn trsikiti den paham yo..kalu bukan dua tiga, sore dua tpi kalu tnya den, sore jah banyak saingan ah famous amos gojes

so far, belum ada lagi since no one caught my attention yet.

Kalau kita block account dekat sini, shoutouts dia masuk dekat inbox kita lagi tak?

i'm not sure about that tbh


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