Great answers!!!!!! Those are two of my favs as well! 👍👍👍 #followed

For real that’s lit!!! I started watching all American last year in July when it came out I don’t know if you seen season 2 of that show that came out March 2020 but can’t wait for season 3

I literally finished all American szn 1 in one setting!!! Then it wasn’t long after that szn 2 was out & binge watched that I didn’t know about all American til this year! But I’m ready for the next szn of on my block if their will be one....

Yea me too lol last year when I watched season 1 of all American I pulled an all nighter watching the first 8 episodes after that experience I never wanna pull an all nighter ever again bc the next day I was tired af and felt a lil sick too but about on my block idk what they would do for season 4

They would be graduating maybe? Did you follow me back?

It would be lit to see what happens lol and yes I followed you back